Mage Needs To Be Nerfed

I have been battling a mage and I now see how op they are now. I know that warriors got the spotlight now theres mages, but still warriors required some skill to hit people. Now with zap if your close, you can automatically zap someone and blink away, you can’t avoid it. I don’t think I hit one mage without being zapped in the process. MP for warriors is now burning fast, so since they aren’t focused on int it just messes up their main attacks. Mages on the other hand, have lots of int and can basically rapid fire zap, and blink away without being hit once. Make zap manual fire, even the people who main mages think they are super op.

=What To Nerf Them On=

  • Zap, so they cant always hit you with auto aim, or you can turn on manual aim for zap.

  • Blink, so if you want to hit them, make a bit of a cool down from when you press the blink hotkey so you can actually hit them.

  • Try to make everything balanced as soon as possible.

So basically make mages, who are already struggling in PvE, garbage in PVP…

Understandable, have a nice day

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What? If you’ve battled a mage they are op. I never said to make them horrible too, I said to make them balanced.

I don’t battle mages, I’m the mage that gets battled, /shrug

I do agree that the auto-hit of zap is overpowered, but mages aren’t supposed to be easy to hit. They have low defense, so if blink gets a long cooldown, they’re literally just fair game for anybody to destroy easily

Mage bomb. It’s currently garbage. At close range it does quite literally 0 damage. This makes hunting spiders a nightmare now. Warriors still have more damage output than mages despite zap.

If you nerf the only two skills that mages have decent for them, then that made this entire mage buff kinda pointless and mages will be back to square one, useless

I do agree that Zap could use a little touching up, but not while mages are already struggling in every aspect except for zap

Blink, if you know what your doing is just op. You can blink away when someone is charging you, again I never said they need a massive rework I said they need some touches not like excessively change the cool down to like 5 seconds.

Yes, and that’s 5 seconds that the warrior can spam roll and swing and deal hundreds of damage, and the mage is dead before the 5 seconds are even over.

5 seconds is a huge nerf.

First of all, warriors mp is nerfed so they can’t spam role and lunge uppercut.

Second, I never said I want it to be a five second change I said I dont want it to be five seconds and like a second.

Third, I have fought a mage and they can easily dodge lunge uppercuts by just blinking away.

Mage and Zap is getting a rework and I think Blink just needs less distance the cooldown will be too harsh

Mage bomb doesnt work in pvp and barely works in pve. Just because all warriors put 90 skill points into Strength and nothing else isn’t our fault. I like everything as is. However, i think there should be armor that upgrades your magic defense.

I approve of this post.

not until bomb becomes better

Oh my god, warriors cant HIT if mages are constantly running and blinking away while constantly magic bombing and zapping you.

Along with warriors abilities taking up more BS amounts of MP, therefore making spamming for warriors practically impossible without points in int and chugging of potions, which have a cooldown.

Don’t worry, Mage zap rework is in the trello.

I love this.

If you nerf the mage’s one-way ability to surviving a battle with a Hunter or Warrior, because of their garbage armor, you make them absolutely impossible in PVP.

Either Mage, currently, will be OP or garbage, those are the only options. I have a mage, and I don’t even use Blink, I know how OP they are. I PVP’d people a couple levels higher than me and destroyed them.

I’m not saying I don’t want a nerf, I’m saying that you cannot nerf Mage without making them garbage in PVP altogether. The developers are working on a solution, and until I see what that solution is, I can’t criticize, nor do I want to.

Edit: Also, if you use Blink as a Mage and didn’t invest into DEX at all, you’re playing the class wrong, lmao. With DEX, there’s no need for Blink whatsoever.

Edit, again: If you wonder why I believe that Mage (same with every other class as of the moment) will either be OP or garbage, it’s because of the style of combat within PVP. Again, developers are working on a solution, I don’t want to say anything until I see it.

Can this be resolved by giving Warrior and Hunter abilities that buff them to be either totally immune, or to slowly increase immunity against magic abilities?

No, that would mean Mage attacks would be worthless in PVP and in PVE it would be to easy to level up off of strong, magic using enemys