Mage Needs a Rework

Hello all, I’m kinda new to forums but this is my idea:

To begin, thundercall cough cough sucks. This makes mages sitting ducks, and also does hardly any damage, compared to zap. If you keep this spell, at least, make it so you can move while casting it, and also BUFF IT!

2nd, Magic Bomb needs a rework. Since this game defies laws of physics, why can’t magic bomb too? We also need some sort of way to aim this as it can go haywire easily.


Berezaa said something about mage being a class that has cast times, but does great damage, if you dont like that play a different class.

I agree that mage is trash now if you were someone who loved it for bomb/blink

TBH mage damage is kinda bad. I have all my pts into int, and my thundercall still only does 217 damage.

Honestly just hoping for subclasses to add a move that will help with actual DPS sort of like old Zap, using skills as mage will only net less damage than just using basic right now not to mention the basic attack has the weakest scaling off all the classes

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