Mage multi bomb dex question

So does anyone knows how much dex is required to get multi bomb and how much is needed to max it.

I searched this question on the wiki but there was no real answers about it

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minimum: 25 - 30 dex
maximum: 75 or more (i think)

to get multible u need 30, if u wanna go crazy with a ton of bombs do 120 dex, and then get 30 str for sonic bomb, and ur pretty powerful(considering that you are using webbed staff) and yea, but it would use SOOO MUCH MANNA per bomb activate just a warning

Everyone else’s reply is wrong.

When you have at least 30 points in any stat (aside from VIT), and at least half of your total points (including armor), mage bomb changes. You can only have one variant, and it will revert if you have less than half your total points in it.

Variants are:
Sonic bomb, a fast, piercing bomb that can explode several times. 30+ STR required
Multi bomb, a flurry of lower powered bombs. 30+ DEX required
Pure bomb, a large, powerful single blast. 30+ INT required

You cannot mix and match variants, as only one can have more than half your stats at a time. Once your bomb transforms, you don’t get more bombs from more dex, for example, it’s only upgraded by more skill points put into it.

edit: This is in fact Vesteria related, so I moved it to #general-discussion

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Question answered, see @Alecazam’s reply.