Mage Issue to address (Whether devs look at it or not)

Good morning/evening to everyone that is reading this. This topic is going to discuss something very obvious, and that is that right now mages are useless. I have always been a mage main and i have always been fine with the skill changes and stat changed to mage, but this time I cannot tolerate it.

It already seems apparent that mage cant really do anything anymore because of its new rework, and I know its still a work in progress, but I feel like we as the community should address this problem. Lets start.

Mage Damage
As of the update, the damage of mage has been slightly increased, and this is completely fine, so there is really no need to change that much, but one thing that really bothers me is the small gap of damage through Magic attack from upgrading int. A full int Mage with lunar staff could probably only do 50 more damage to mobs, and little to nothing compared in pvp. I feel like this should be slightly tweaked to do more damage.

Mage Defense
Currently, mages, even if they have more than 1000 hp, are literal glass. If our full int and armor cant compensate the damage we recieve we are all being ground slammed and we get mostly one shot or two shot. This is clearly unfair seeing as how a base attack for a warrior on a mage goes around 140-190 while the base damage of a mage on a warrior is around 38-48. The new armor doesnt help at all, and even if it was cursed or blessed, it still wouldnt reduce the numbers by a lot.

Mage Base Attack
If there is something i have to complain about the base attack is two main things: I have to constantly click to fire 2 orbs a second and that the hitbox on it and range are incredibly small. Losing our melee completely means we can only hit one target at a time, and we cant even run to do so. Even if we could run, the range of it is so short that we get constantly hit and die to mobs easily. (Also, I am aware that I can hold Ctrl to keep attacking, but I also have ctrl binded to another key so thats my own problem)

If this post really is given attention, i would like to keep a few things in mind for the next update.

  • Magic Attack increase

  • Slightly larger hitbox and range of Basic Attack

  • Defense change so that instead of getting one shot we get 3-4 shot to keep things balanced and interesting.

Yeah, the developers are working on some huge Mage buffs, pretty cool. There was a picture of a barrage magic bomb in #sneaky-peaks. Finally we’re getting some love.

Yeh mages are really broken rn, needs to be fixed