Mage is underpowered

Mage needs a buff. Hunters and Warriors both do more damage effortlessly. Mage’s main source of damage is it’s magical bomb. At max it’ll do like 650 damage or so with level 30, give or take, but this is with an ability that’s 10/10. Hunters and Warriors at best will be doing triple the damage mages do using this attack. Like Mage is supposed to be high DPS, squishy type of class. Instead it’s squishy and has no DPS. Even if Zap were to be fixed. The other classes would out DPS it, which really isn’t really fair. Recently blink has been nerfed, THE WORST CLASS IN THE GAME UNDENIABLY IS THE FIRST TO RECEIVE A NERF??? WHAT?? A level 13 warrior can do more damage than a level 25 mage and it’s really unfair. Mage needs a HUUUGE Buff. When I mean huge, I mean magic bomb should be doing OVER 1K EASILY at high levels of course. Right now Warriors are OP with their damage as well as Hunters. Mage is horrible and needs a buff


Mage Deserved To Be Bad! They Are Old Men With Beards! They Are Going To Be Frail!!!
They Are Never Going To Much Us WARRIORS!

Brains is better than strength!