Mage is still insanely bad it’s scary

Well I have gotten to lvl 25 on mage and deal as much damage as my friend who is a lvl 13 warrior this is sort of scary a 10 lvl gap and he is as good as the mage the spell does nothing and i’m not putting points into strength because that ruins the mage build. As I suggested before intelligence should bost the damage of the spell as much as strength does to melee attack’s. this alone won’t fix mage as the spell you can only use once every now and then but it is a step forward. Really hope mage class doesn’t go into the trash.

What About Just Pretty Much Getting Rid Of Mana For Mages As Then It Would Be The Same As The Attacks From Warriors And Hunters.

If It Was Removed, I Wouldn’t Suggest It Fully Removed But Still Have It Used On The Skills That Use Mana Such As The Teleport, Rock Throw And Regeneration.

INT should boost mage spell attack damage. I’ll look into the four stats this week and adjust them as needed

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Okay Berezaa! Good Luck To You!

@berezaa Just reminding you guys about Problem With Mage Class, if we add the ideas in this to the game the mage class should be useful

Keep up the good work!