Mage is broken in PVP please nerf

Ok, so, I’m making this post to tell you how great Mage is and why you should pick it.

Firstly, Mage is the best class for PVP, this is undeniable, have you seen the magic bomb in PVP? When the target is correct (about 50/50 chance) it’s almost impossible to miss. Also, with all our added FP we can spam regen and TP, this makes us a good match against Hunters because not even they can catch us with our sp33d.

Mage can also zap their enemies, obliterating them in one shot! Zap is so op it’s not even funny. Also, at level 20 you can have a max of 60 INT + staff based buffs. Using an Int potion makes zap so strong it legit game ends the player.

Now, I will show you a prime list of the damages you can do with 60 INT and a 2 Int Boost Staff!

(Magic Bomb)

To Warriors with Bronze Armour and level 30: 2 Damage

To Hunters level 30 best armour: 3 Damage


The damage is equal to the mass of an electron / Negligible


STR currently adds resistance to all types of damage. It should only be adding resistance to Physical attacks. The devs are aware of this and will most likely fix it soon.

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Ik It’s a joke post … (Save me from GeneralOmegus he will stone me again)

Nothing can save you from the might of stones. You can run but you can’t hide forever…

insert comment of triggered soi boi

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