Mage group early

You can join the mage group before level 10, unlike the other two groups. Nothing special is required to do this, just talk to the mage npc.

Oh this should probably be looked into!


i don’t want this in the game.

Odd, but what is so special about mages that you can get it earlier?

even if you are i dont believe mages get anything special, they would still have to wait till level 10 to get mage skills no?

Yeah when I was level 8 I talked to the class leaders and the mage was willing to accept me, I thought it was a bug or something.

Did you get mage points when you leveled to level 9

Mage points? and I just waited until level 10 to become warrior.

Oh ok.

this is because mages are more accepting of themselves and don’t reject the minds of young scholars, everyone should be able to learn and weave magic should they have the talent for it. Maybe hunters and warriors should wake up and stop being as picky as Harvard college

Jokes aside, it’s a bug, most definitely. @berezaa