Mage Buff Ideas + Defense rework

what mages need:
disable auto-aim (or add the toggle later if it takes less/similar time to implement)
damage buff
revert the tp cooldown nerf since it’s already the weakest class y’know what i mean
fix zap soon
lower magic bomb cooldown
wands that deal damage based off magic attack and int, and get int from 10% scrolls
MAYBE make magic bomb /5 again but much better than the current 10/10 in damage (and refund sp)
MAYBE make zap /5

NOW onto some depressing videos of defense (specifically warrior defense)

My damage (his defense according to him is about 60)

Joey’s damage (my defense is 39):

Me hitting joey for 8 minutes (he didn’t die):

yeah… defense needs a rework.

(on a side note, could we get shoes?)

Perfect Post, the devs need to see this

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The Strength stat increases Physical damage and reduces Physical Damage taken. It explains why you do basically low damage to him. He probably has over 60+ STR meanwhile you have 0. His armor and helmet also gives him high defense. He’s also max level. (referring to the 3rd video).

For the second video, it goes back to how STR gives him Increased Physical Attack damage. He’s doing a ton of damage on you because he has high STR while you have 0 which means you aren’t lessening any of the physical damage he’s doing to you. You also have low defense since well, you’re a mage. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that his Bronze Mace is most likely upgraded.

For the first video, I’m not sure why you only do so little with actual Magic attacks considering you have High INT and STR only lessens Physical Damage taken, not Magical. That maybe bugged and needs to be fixed/rework. I’m also unclear on how Defense really works and if him being a higher level affects the damage you deal to him. Does defense reduce damage taken by percentage or is it a flat out damage decrease?

STR doesn’t give you physical damage resistance but rather defense overall. This explains why spiders take 2x less damage compared to crabs (they have 2x more SRT)

We presently don’t discriminate against physical versus magical versus ranged damage, we treat any defense as blocking all.

I definitely want to allow players to disable auto-aim, I think experienced players will benefit much more with manual control than they would with auto-aim.

We’ll definitely look into these suggestions.


So does the Strength stat just outright give resistance to all types of incoming attacks (Physical, Magic, and Ranged), because the tool tip for Strength specifically states increases resistance to physical attacks.

I’m asking because @Phoenix stated,

If the STR stat is giving overall Defense, wouldn’t that be broken in PvP situations as shown in Video 1 and Video 3 above? As most Warriors mostly focus on STR and the armor they will have access to will most likely have the highest defense rating compared to all the other classes? Later on with higher levels (more stat points into STR) and better armor, Warriors will literally take no damage from most attacks (PvP wise and maybe PvE), unless a way to penetrate all that Defense is added like an Armor Pierce stat. I think the STR stat and Defense may need to be reworked or taken a close look at.

Yes STR does give you overall defence against ALL damage types
yes this would be broken in PvP but I think that is a separate can of worms that shouldn’t be touched by now
PvP should probably be reworked in the future but for now, it can just stay as a fun side activity where warriors can dominate everybody : )

I’m down to dominate everybody as cough Warriors best faction cough, but yeah this should be looked at and fixed/rework in the future.

warrior master race

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By this weekend it’ll only block physical damage, presently it blocks any damage.


Yeah that’s what I was trying to ask, glad it’ll be fixed soon. I like to win but seeing mages only do 60 damage to me with the magic bomb makes me feel bad lol

Will high Int players be able to resist magic attacks and ranged attacks? And INT still doesn’t affect mana regen

Yes, ranged attacks no. Mana regen presently is increased by 5% of your int, ticking every 2 seconds. That’s 1 mana per 20 int per 2 seconds, or 1 mana per second per 40 int; seems feelsbad actually.

I’ll look into it.

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“i’ll look into it” every Polymorphic reply on bugs

This imo is bad mage bomb can only be used on a cool down and is mages only source of good damage so either buff the amount mage bomb its self does or buff the amount intel adds or else mage will be still be dealling way less;(

So dex will defend against ranged attacks.

Necroposted. Outdated and no longer relevant.