Mage base abilities Re-Balance for next update

Mana Bomb:
Terul Path - Venom Bomb (no longer webbed staff perk)

Vesra Path - Healing splash: create a puddle that heals you and your allies when you step in it

Thunder Call:
Terul Path - Electrical Stalkers: Shoots or releases purple beams from out their hand that deals low stun damage and tracks like magic missile

Vesra Path - Golden Shock: an electrical orb expands from around you, knocking back and dealing medium damage

Terul Path - Void Rift: Instead of instantly blinking you can create a void or a portal of sorts to teleport, this is slower though.

Vesra Path - Angelic Propulsion: You create a launchpad of sorts that shoots you up in the sky in whatever direction you want, it’ll have the same directional tp as the basic blink but be a little bit faster… although it wont have as much distance as void rift

Webbed Staff Replacement Ability:
Sticky Bomb - Your bomb creates a web that traps and stuns enemies who walk onto/ into it, if the bomb explodes mid air it’ll drop a web beneath that area, if it hits an enemy head on it’ll web up that enemy, if it hits the ground a web will be placed on that area, and if it explodes on a wall then a web will be placed on the wall. This of course deals medium damage as well

i am quite quite sure venom bomb is staying as a webbed staff perk

hOlY wAtEr, pErHaPs?

Venom Bomb w/o Webbed Staff? Lol too OP ez. Venom Bomb is somewhat balanced by the low damage of the Webbed Staff, imagine using Venom Bomb with an Astrologist’s Scepter/Chitin Scythe…

That’s literally what learning weapon perks is…