Lower the chance of getting a negative equipment variant

I think this should be lowered because a 40% chance of getting an undesirable piece of equipment is pretty punishing on players that don’t want to buy the equipment they want to get from the merchant.

Once you get the equipment, you pretty much have a equipment with a debuff, telling you to grind for either a positive variant or just a regular plain piece of equipment since you have a low potential equipment that should not be enchanted (Enchanting is a pretty fun aspect of the game)

With only a 29.9% percent chance of getting a regular equipment and a 30.1% chance of getting a good one, it seems that the values of getting a regular equipment is pretty low.

Since it’s regular, it may satisfy those who just want to get enough grind (Because really, if you’re grinding for an ancient staff, you may think it’s good and all with perhaps an int stat boost, but you know you aren’t going to keep it.

So instead of:
40% bad equipment
29.9% normal equipment
30.1% good equipment

it should be:
10% bad equipment
59.9% normal equipment
30.1% good equipment

disclaimer: i know that bosses don’t drop bad weapons, but what if you’re grinding for a weapon like a sickle that only drops from regular creatures but can’t be obtained by merchants or bosses
(Hats and shoes are coming soon, so moglo/mogloko masks would also not be able to be obtained by merchants or bosses)

I don’t think it needs to be lowered. A 60% chance to get a good/decent piece of equipment seems lenient enough already

15 or 20 low, reg adjusted accordingly.

Bo ii gets a pristine stick, M e t a will use 5000 save slots to get that bad boi

So you want the good variant first time you get a drop? Its made so that the drops are in tiers… First bad, the regular, then special. You can’t demand that the worst weapon tier has the lowest, or a vey low, drop chance.

The normal should be the highest, while the good & bad tiers are the lowest chance.

We should be getting normals, while the bad equipment is only gained by pure bad luck.

Not everything should have a variant, the normal should be normal, and it doesn’t make sense for it to have a 29.9% chance of occuring, while the rest of the chance flies to special equipment, good or bad.

Which is why the normal equipment should have higher chance than the “not normal” equipment

The only good/decent piece of equipment can be gained by a 30.1% chance, while you’d have a chance of getting normal equipment at 29.9%.

Basically, this balance will do 2 things:

  1. It will be less punishing on players, especially new, who just want a “sickle” but would prefer at least something that doesn’t have any down side effects.

  2. Make normal equipment normal, meaning it’d be even more special to receive a special buff because you’d mostly get normal equipment at 59.9% percent. Getting bad equipment would be pure bad luck, and real bad luck instead of having a 40% chance of saying “Dang, unlucky”

I purposefully made the negative equipment variants not applicable to boss drops or other unique items. It should only apply to items sold in the shop, and the rate is as high as it is in order to prevent the shop from becoming useless.

Wait, so weapons from the shops can get a variant? Sorry I haven’t had the time to play as much lately so I haven’t tested much out yet.

what he meant was that shop items should still be viable due to them always being always normal while getting the same item from a drop has a high chance of being faulty or atleast thats what i think he means

thank you for your response.

Has this affected spider items or items in inventory before the change?

okely dokely, someone can close this then

@JuiceperCowz i dont think it affects spider items before the change, they’ll just be normal

Nice, my daggers are safe