Lower Party Requirement for Shroompocolpyse

Ok so what keeps happening to me is that I can’t gather a party to enter the dungeon. Mushtown almost never has a shortage of players, but most of them aren’t high enough level to join. Please lower the required join level or just move the entrance. If you’re gonna put it in Mushtown, make the level requirement no higher than 5. Or JUST MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO GET IN WITH ONE PERSON!!!

Changed the name of the post, thought it was meant for but reports. I actually like it the way it is.

I can agree. I think the current requirements for any event requiring multiple people except Gauntlet is overwhelming.

I think a minimum of possibly 3 would be much healthier, or rather making the maximum you could have being 3.

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I actually disagree, because then the people joining in would die instantly, if anything the level cap for it should stay where it is and it should be advertised more.