Low-effort posts and forum categorization: Clarifications

If you haven’t read this topic or berezaa’s topic on low-effort posts, I highly suggest you do. Otherwise, you may read this post for complementary clarification on what would type of posts would be allowed on the forums and what posts are not.

Creating posts in general

Your replies and topics shouldn’t sound braindead or be extremely low-effort with the exception of specific circumstances (for example, buying/selling an item in #general-discussion:marketplace). That’s what reactions, likes, and the minimum character requirements are for. Here is some things you should consider before making any type of post:

  • Have it be at least one sentence to state what you want to say and discuss. It shouldn’t simply be a reaction like “lol hahah funny.”
  • Stay at least semi-professional. Don’t forget, this is a forum and not Discord.
  • Know why you are making the post.

If you plan on creating a post with a lot of text, you can get tips to format it to make it easier to read here.

Here are some examples of how your posts shouldn’t be:

Topic: LOL look what I found

Body: I found x in the game this is so cool

Topic: Post your stuff here

Body: Idk just post whatever you want to I guess

Another rule of thumb when using a forum is to effectively quote all of your responses and replies to people in a single reply to prevent flood on the topic.
Be sure to use common sense before posting in not only this forum, but any forum.


General Discussion topics that aren’t in a subcategory are supposed to be related to Vesteria.
This could be:

  • a well-made, original Vesteria meme
  • a new Vesteria feature to discuss
  • an insight for Vesteria’s future
  • multiple ideas you have for Vesteria
  • etc.

As long as there is at least something to discuss civilly, anything Vesteria-related could go in General Discussion. But there are some things we don’t want here, such as things that break the community guidelines. Topics that shouldn’t be made in #general-discussion include:

  • blackmailing/targeting specific people(s) in a topic
  • controversial topics
  • reporting exploiters (you DM those to Vesteria Moderators)
  • extreme venting posts that can be taken in a negative way and lead to uncivil arguments
  • etc.


Anything that isn’t related to Vesteria goes in Off Topic. We are a little bit stricter with the quality of non-Vesteria-related topics, but if you know that it’ll inspire meaningful discussion or receive a positive reaction from other forum users, you are okay.
It has to follow all the guidelines for #general-discussion and posts in general besides having to do with Vesteria. Please note that forum games are not allowed.


The rules for Marketplace are self-explanatory: Only buy, sell, or trade items there. Make sure your title clearly states what you are trading for and additional details in the body.
Using Discord for trade communication is completely optional. You are more than free to negotiate on the forums if that is a preferable method.
Please note that black market trading, including but not limited to USD trading, Robux trading, and trading for items that aren’t in Vesteria is not permitted as per the Roblox Terms of Service.


Have some info you want to share to all Vesterians? Post it in this category, but make sure you don’t ask questions when posting here. It is highly recommended that you search for guides that have been made previously so you won’t just be regurgitating information that has been already posted. Be sure to be as descriptive as possible to help users who are looking for information.


Topics that request a new category or anything else having to do with the website go here. Self-explanatory.
Please note that some website features cannot be changed and that the developers can’t alter certain things on the forums.


The info you need for the subcategories is pinned in each subcategory, but for all of them, make sure you describe what needs to be balanced, your new, specific feature request, or a bug report with great detail and precision. The developers need as much information as possible for gameplay improvements to make Vesteria the best experience for all of her players. Please try to put in a lot of effort into topics in this category.


Please be sure to read the About Moderator Applications topic before creating a topic in that category. Only serious moderator applications go in this category.
TL2 (Member) is required to view and create public Moderator Applications.


The low-effort post rule is much relaxed in this category due to it being viewable for limited users. Feel free to post any funny memes and stuff in this category. The community guidelines still apply, however.
TL3 (Regular) is required to access this category.


Please be sure to read the About Discord Communities topic before creating a post in this category. When advertising your server on this bulletin board category, double-check to make sure your topic meets the category’s guidelines.
TL2 (Member) is required to post in this category.


Necrobumping, more commonly known as “necroposting,” is reviving and bumping up a topic from several weeks, or even months ago to the top of Latest. Everybody seems to think necroposting is a bad thing. However, necroposting can be helpful if you want to bring back up a slightly aged discussion or idea that you want to readdress instead of making an entirely new topic.

Necrobumping is okay when:

  • The topic isn’t low-effort and is still relevant to discuss
  • There are still things worthy of further discussion on the topic
  • Your reply is contributive and relevant to discussion
  • The last reply was fairly recent and not several months ago

Leaders will most likely not take action on topics that were necrobumped if the post follows the above criteria.

Necrobumping is not okay when:

  • The topic is low-effort or no longer relevant
  • Your reply seems like you are just necroposting to necropost
  • You necropost a forum game
  • Your reply doesn’t spark any possible discussion

Try not to necropost really old topics, like ones that have been last replied near the time the forum was created. Leaders will likely close a topic if a post deems unworthy of a reasonable necrobump.


thank god im not the only one

You forgot Vip lounge lol.

What’s that?


debateable. If there is some truth in it, and the post isn’t really attacking any one person or group of people and is instead attacking a Vesteria flaw that nobody else has talked about, I think it should stay.

Also, the entire Off-Topic section should be removed. It promotes low quality posts that have nothing to do with the general idea of this forum.

Please also add that the Marketplace section is good enough to talk about deals and that people don’t have to go to discord to further the conversation.

Dude u put A New Feature Related To Vesteria in GeNeRaL dIsCuSsIoN remember this isn’t dIsCoRd!

i dont think ber wants forums to be vesteria only, the off topic category is made for stuff like “Egg Hunt! Are you guys excited?” etc.

also people dont want to talk on forums because of reply cooldown

Just updated the guide to regard necroposting, also mentioning that forum games aren’t allowed.

@Meta When would it be considered a “necropost”, though? I mean… How old of a topic does it have to be to be considered necro?

In my eyes I see it as 1 week or longer, but I’m just curious from your perspective

I view it as topics that haven’t been replied to 2 weeks or longer.

I clarified the definition of necroposting and added some funni stuff, too.

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Its not necroposting if that topic is relevant again.

When your PSA about necrobumping and irrelevant conversation gets closed for irrelevant conversation

That’s Overseer for ya

well this is news to me

Bump cuz this is still helpful for new users
U stated necrobump could be useful and it actually is

I’ve made the guide slightly more professional and more descriptive. I’ve also added guides for #moderator-app and #lounge.

If this helped you, feel free to give a like to show your appreciation.

I have updated this topic for the new #discord-servers, and I have added a little bit more information.

Just to clarify, it’s not alright to necrobump your own post if you don’t have anything contributive to say even if it is only a week or 2 old and is still relevant for discussion?

If it is still relevant you should at least try to bump it saying so and stating why you are bumping it. Always have a reason for it.