Lottery System in Vesteria

Vesterian Lotto is a new company established in Nilgarf that sells lottery tickets for 1 silver per ticket, and a maximum of 100 tickets per user (100 silver). Each week, from Sunday-Saturday, tickets go on sale for the weekly lottery. Each user can purchase a max of 100 tickets, each for 1 silver. Each ticket has a random 6 digit number on it from 000000-999999. At the end of each week, depending on how many numbers you match, is what your prize will be. Matching numbers goes from RIGHT TO LEFT. So if the winning numbers are 284702 and your ticket says 914702, you matched 3 numbers, which is 702. However, if your ticket says 284959, you matched 0 numbers cause it goes from RIGHT to LEFT.

Here are the prizes for matching numbers.

1 Match - HP/MP Pots
2 Matches - 100 Silver
3 Matches - Random Cursed Scroll
4 Matches - 5000 Ethyr
5 Matches - Random Ancient Scroll
6 Matches (Jackpot) - 100% of total money spent on tickets by all users. If the total amount spent on tickets was say 60 gold, you get 60 gold if you get the jackpot. Now, this may seem OP, but realize that getting 6/6 numbers is incredibly rare at a 1 in 13,983,816 chance. Probably won’t ever happen but if it does the prize is worth it!

The lottery building is next to the barber shop.

Pretty sure any sort of gambling or lottery is against roblox updated terms of service but instead they rather percent chances for example case openings

Vesteria scrolls go by percentage chance so they are fine anyways

surprise mechanics!!!

what are the chances of 2 digits being the same? because surely 100s is a bit too much, right? (its a full refund if you bought 100 tickets)

I know you only asked for 2 digits being the same, but I’m just going to do the full thing because why not.

There is a 1/10 chance of getting any individual number correct (the numbers are 0-9 presumably) meaning that getting the first number correct is a 10% chance.

Following this logic, by continually multiplying 1/10 by itself for the number of numbers there are (or by raising 0.1 to a power equivalent to the number of numbers there are) you can determine the probability of winning a certain prize.

# of Correct Numbers Chance to Guess Correctly
1 10%
2 1%
3 0.1%
4 0.01%
5 0.001%
6 0.0001%

Of course, I might be mistaken and there might be something I forgot to account for. For anyone wondering, I used the equation (1/10)^n x 100 where “n” represents number of correct numbers.

I don’t know where 1/13983816 came from, but it might be correct if my calculation/way of thinking is wrong.

Anyways in terms of the idea it would be a nice money sink, though I’m not sure if Roblox would allow it because it constitutes a form of gambling. I know for sure Roblox does not allow users to gamble Robux, but I’m not sure about in-game currency. Then again, Pokemon Brick Bronze was allowed to do it so I’ve got no idea.

A very interesting idea but I’m pretty sure this would be against Roblox ToS

Take into account that there are 6 number placements you have to match as well and it’s from right to left. so if the winning number is 123456, then 123654 counts for zero matches because the right most number doesnt match. If your number was 143256, then it could count as two matches because the right most number (6) and the one next to it (5) match. The 1 at the front doesn’t count because the numbers next to it don’t match except for the 5 and the 6, this makes the chances way more difficult.

how 5000 ehtyr can be on 4 matches and random ancient scroll on 5? and its to op

Chances are so low it really isnt OP. Plus it’s once a week so it would take multiple weeks before even getting close to 4-5-6 matches if 6 happens at all.

5000 ethyr is over 2,000 robux worth of ethyr jfc

i think its to much you can buy for it a lot of items and you coulde sell it for tons of gold

I’m pretty sure @AnswerRemoved is correct. each is 10 times bigger than the previous.
I built this on excel up to 5 digits with EVERY possible outcome and ran a count of all matches and it fits that formula.

I like the idea, definitely a good way of getting some silver. Better yet, you should do a 50/50 drawing and get some real support behind it. Once the pot starts getting big, you’ll be in for a good payday.

cant wait to have my vesterian life controlled by even more rng!

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