Lots of Stuff to Sell

I’ve got a lot of stuff to sell. So Dm me on Discord at ShadyArbok#8913

Dirty +6 Royal Fang 120s (Blue)
Clean Sting tail Staff 300s
Clean Moko Maul 150s
Clean Dustwurm bow 400s
+3 Moko Club 120s (Normal Weapon Atk scrolls only)
Clean Chitin Sycthe 300s
+1 Azariah’s Edge Taking offers (One Normal Weapon Atk Scroll)
Ancient STR scroll 25s Each. SOLD

I’d love to buy that Scythe.

Username: Doofus_12 (time zone UTC-5 / EST)

bro i sold all of my stuff already. this post was like a week ago.