Lots of different classes in the full release

I’m taking this idea from Konosuba but what about thief classes and their moves?
Like for the thief classes you have Steal: This move would be better in PVP battles because it takes the opponents weapon for 7 seconds and has a cool down of 1 minute.
And then you have Lurk: This move makes you invisible to any enemy and if you attack in this state your damage would be 3x stronger. An execute with this move would be 5x.
Though they might not add it and I totally don’t know if they have PVP in Vesteria.
Just a thought

Oh and a move stolen from The Seven Deadly Sins, Ban’s “Hunter Fest” Which steals nearby opponents strength and makes your melee attacks stronger.

Subclasses (kind of like parts of each class that exel at different things and have different abilities) have already been confirmed.