Losing money on respawn (Fixed)

When an area doesn’t load properly you can respawn to try to fix it, but respawning kills you, and dying now makes you lose money. If this could be avoided that would be appreciated.

Already Reported.

Oh, dang.

and u can just close out game and reopen, I dont think there is a code to see how u died, so he just made it when u die u always lose money. Why resetting also lose coin? Because if it didn’t, people will make like an auto reset bot that resets when they are about to die, and that would avoid losing anything

Being put in a position where you have to leave the game and rejoin just so you don’t lose money is super inconvenient, so it would be nice is there wasn’t a punishment for respawning when an area doesn’t load properly.

unfortunately, in roblox code, I think death is death, they cant tell how u died