[LORE] Part Two of Lore by GeneralOmegus - 11-9-18

–This is unofficial lore, written personally by me. There was so many event in the Three Hundred Year War, if you really want to hear about them all, I’ll make indvidual lore posts. C:

Villagers would spend their days tilling the land, herding animals, providing food and staying alive. It was a stressful time to survive and when you have stress you must have a place to let it out. Vesteria is a magical land and the seasons change with it. As with all magic, it is formed from the emotion of the people, as the people’s emotion change, so does Vesteria. The more rough, stressed and angry Vesteria becomes, the more the people affected, it was not a good cycle. The arena was now home to slaughter, warriors who trained their lives for the honor of championship were brought to their knees and like all men of honor, they died before they submitted. This killing had upset the natural balance of Vesteria and shifted the land into the beginning of chaos. As more and more fell in the arena, more and more people came to the arena, away from the stress and anger of the world and at home. The masters of the arena did not mind the new flow of revenue, so nothing changed, and only their greed grew. Anger became angrier, sadness became sadder, and happiness became rare, now was the time of hate.

The Warrior Faction became outraged at the mindless killing of their champions and the lack of honor from the mages in the arena. No one understood that it was their hate for eachother that made their hate stronger. The Mages Faction tried to stop the arena mages, but mages are vessels of the same magic that is moved by the hate and were powerless to stop it, only join it. In the fury, a general of the hate-fueled Warriors marched an army to the Mages Tower as revenge for the arena. The Mages Faction was vast but spread out and the mages at the towers were powerless to stop the dense army of the Warriors. At least a hundred dead and the archmage, the one mage with a chance to stop the arena battles, was beheaded at the tower’s courtyard and the Warriors were to be blamed.

The Hunters did not want to stand idly by as the Warriors and Mages killed eachother, but they had to if they would see this through. The Hunters had no body of government, they were free people, so they were the less affected by this dark magic that now corrupts every strand of grass and every bushel of leave in Vesteria. The Hunters in villagers sent riders to the next nearest villager, and that villager sent out riders after, The Hunters would go into hiding. The Hunters set up outposts and trained more common people to prepare. They hid in shadows and learned from them too, becoming skilled foes in battle, but they waited for their opportunity. No faction is without its flaws, as The Hunters grew at the beginning of the Three Hundred Year War, they spread out so far that their original message was lost. The Hunters would become the biggest killers of the Three Hundred Year War.

The Mages Towers have fallen and The Warriors are to blame. The Warriors prided themselves in their victory and became the hatred they wanted to destroy. In trying to protect more of their ranks from falling unjustly and without honor in the arena, they’ve begun the executions of every warrior across the land. Vesteria is now at war. Without an archmage to lead them, the mage group that first began the protest for battle in the arena become the power of The Mages. At their lead, and new Archmage of The Mages, would be the first mage fighter of the arena. The New Archmage was known for his passion at killing, a once talented mage with a gift for healing had become the hand of hate, a kind of conduit of death that could shoot back any emotion you throw at her, even stronger. She had come to lust for blood in the arena, and at the opportunity, now as the archmage, had the ability to make Vesteria her entire battlefield.

This is what Vesteria has come to, this is how it would almost fall. Mages had the power and the hate to slaughter warriors, and warriors had the wrath to seek revenge. The mages didn’t fight together, they were unorganized but powerful. In battle, it didn’t matter who was the victim of your magic, only the kill mattered. Mages would slaughter their own without hesitation, they were killing machines. The Warriors established rule over Vesteria, villagers were just casualties of war to them, only good for providing food. Villagers were told to comply with The Warriors, convinced that they were there to help them. If you failed, you would be branded a traitor and executed like a dog. The Hunters and their many outposts scattered performed executions of anyone they saw fit to die, Warriors, Mages, Citizen, The Hunters were assassins for hire.

The Warriors sought to provide order, through their own corrupt means and created the Warriors Stronghold. A fortress barred from the outside to keep people in. The Warriors merciless order had become bedtime stories to scare the kids. There is a story of a commander in a south villager that had his own mother executed and then burnt down his own barracks. The anger of the world corrupt the magic and the magic corrupted the lands and the minds of the people. No one was safe. The children were born angry and the adults were turned mad. And the war has only begun.

Mage would slaughter warrior, Warriors would raise an army to silence the mages and the hunters would slit the throat of whoever left standing. Villages had all but completely perished. The mages had started using their victims to create new creatures. Tainting their body with their magic, goblins and gnomes and walking mushrooms, the creations of fallen. Regular animals, sand crabs, and spider grew to the size of men and the strength of three. The war was no longer between the factions but between the individuals and the creatures. The trees swayed in the war of armies to stop them and branches would fall, aiming to kill. Vesteria itself was fighting in the war.

The killing continued and continued, and finally, the war came to an end. Not because they had suddenly found peace, but because there was no one left to fight. The factions were all but wiped out and the villagers were one with the land in blood as casualties of the war. The Hunters had grown so fond of killing, they had near wiped themselves out. This is the story of how our hatred can only turn worse. In ourselves, throughout our body into our hearts and through our souls, hatred does not go away and it is not something that changes. We must always look for love in us and eachother before we look for the bad because the bad will always scream louder. The greatest way to defeat your enemy is to make them your friend.

The Three Hundred Year War has concluded. In its place, a new dynasty will reign with the three factions joined, bowing to the Mushroom Throne.

-It’s late and I’m tired, I hope this made sense and you enjoyed it. There is a real message I’m trying to convey here and I hope you understand it. I might start on part three tonight, I don’t know. I really hope you guys enjoyed.

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Havent read it yet but I can tell it will be good.

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Great writing! Although, I would suggest pointing out that this isn’t part of the game’s official lore somewhere before someone thinks it is.

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Omg, you’re completely right. I’ll do that right away.

I love it.

Warriors and Mages at each other’s throats. This is nothing new, even in the game. Hunters just being hunters.

Jokes aside, very well written. Honestly, the devs should look at this and take some idea out of it

They won’t, it’s lore on the overall history of Vesteria, devs won’t even touch it. :sob:

Shucks! History of the land is a key factor in many RPGs!

They want lore stories instead of an overall story, I’m writing lore based around my guild that will be more accommodating to the devs.

I. Love. This. It is SO FREAKING WONDERFUL! Definitely approved! :smiley:

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