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Is it a dream, or a hobby, a job, or a request. A fancy in the night. It is not a goal of mine, not a divine job is I seek to fulfill, but rather a passion. A writer draws from their own experiences and thoughts and it is no lie when you find the most serious and saddest of writings come from the most serious and saddest of people. It is a passion to write because it draws on my life and lets me understand my past more in-depth and from there I can write even more realistic works. We all have the power to share this knowledge between eachother, whether to amaze for a second or to understand for a lifetime.

I would like to call upon the developers of this game to give me a singular building in which I and others alike can submit our works of lore for adventures to read on their travels. Let us write the story of the land and give it life, more than what it is already. It is the small things in the world that make the world feel real. There are the few who are astonished from walking in there house, looking at their door as they walk through, looking at their wooden, tile or lament floors, walls, and furniture and really wonder at the way the world was before man’s creations. Before we had the ability to create such items. Our houses and lives are so detached from nature and that baffles and amazes me so. It gives me perspective on the reality of the world. It is those small things that make life real.

Now, let me give back my knowledge and experience with others alike, in a library in a town however far away it needs to be. Let’s us write lore of the game, to make it feel real.

–It’d be a cool idea. :wink: This most likely wont get added, and I’ve very much so okay with that. I’m just pretty bored right now and thinking about some of the previous ideas I’ve had for games.

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Good idea! I’d like to read some stories and books in my free time or whenever I get tired of killing off thousands of spiders. A library would be cool to have in game.

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Thanks, my dude. The support is really appreciated. Don’t forget to up-vote if you really like it!!! :blush:

I can bet this is some amazing story with good writing and interesting lore but like

its too long and I’m lazy too lazy to read all of that

It’s a request to put a library of lore in the game.

thanks for the TL;DR

yeah, that sounds like fun since I do like to read a book or two of pure lore from time to time. (not sarcasm)

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I REALLY want this as well in the mage city it would be nice and everyone can submit and write bits of lore!

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You would make good lore for vesteria

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