Lore Events, Lore Characters, and lots of Reputation

As of now, when I play Vesteria, I see barely anything memorable, or any overlying plot line to follow, all we really have is the starting cut scene of the game, and several forgettable characters that serve no purpose, that we can’t get attached to as players. This is one place where Vesteria lacks the most at, in my opinion.

So, as an OCD critical pessimist at video games, I will try to come up with a cool thing called Lore. Most ROBLOX games lack an overlying plot, but with Vesteria’s resources, and quality standards it would be a perfect way to get players hooked for a long time if it was expanded upon correctly.

Lore should be an open dynamic thing in Vesteria, some parts of the lore should be incredibly hidden to the point where exploiters can’t even find it, triggered through special means, some other parts should be out in the open, and effect gameplay drastically. So I feel like we need to make some reoccurring characters, explain their role in the world, and their abilities. I will try to attempt to stick to the current characters in the lore as much as possible, and the current gods. It’d make the world feel more interesting, appealing to players, provide a knowledge gap, and so you didn’t feel like you knew everything about the game at level 20, making an extra layer to the pre-existing content.

Reputation - Reputation is your standing with each lore character, if you are nice, and don’t attack them you are treated with items, shops, and experience alike. If you are mean, and attack them your reputation goes down. They will instantly attack you with low reputation, but if you drop gifts, they will stop attacking, and consider it an apology reputation will again go back to neutral. Neutral means that you can’t interact with them, but they won’t attack you unless you attack them. “Apologizing” (attacking them, then giving gifts.) too much means that they’ll just ignore your apology, and take the gifts anyways. Stating something like “You idiot, you tried to be my friend one too many times.

Taltain - Optimistic traveler of the world, he is unique in his gifts as a hunter, being able to use mage, and hunter abilities as the same time. For this reason, both subordinates of the gods have been hunting him ever since. Taltain seeks to end his rejection.

Mechanics - Taltain will randomly wonder the world, giving monsters treats, following a set path throughout it, and wondering zone to zone, teleporting if he gets stuck or just automatically leaving the area. Upon his death he will revive like a cleric, start running away using blink, and the fastest set of armor in the entire game. He will leave a bunch of loot behind, and a Lore Book. The Lore Book will contain information on his last encounters with a certain monster stating something like “I killed 21 Shrooms today. It was quite boring.” Based on what he encountered, and fed. If he were to go into an upcoming area, he’d also give away a few of the monster names (for fun). After that he writes a random portion of his life relating to the lore. Or a hint on specially activated lore events. While you fight him he will also say random things like “STOP CHASING ME ALREADY! I’M JUST A TRAVELER!” if you attack him, and your reputation will go down along with that. However, if you choose not to attack him, he can take your basic scrolls, and enhance them to greater heights for a reasonable cost. If you do this he will consider you a friend, and your reputation will go up. If your reputation is high enough, you can get a free scroll once every hour. Taltain wants to befriend monsters, he can be seen leaving fish, and other meals for monsters, he thinks they are rejected, only used for xp, and their items.

Chaosity - An ancient being, said to be in constant half life, and half death, leeching off the mana of the gods without even them knowing. Chaosity randomly teleports area to area, she preferences magical places like the enchanted forest, but she can show up to other places too. She is a cleric with a black robe, and she will start off attacking everything, everything will have low reputation with her. Chaosity attacks with swift mana bombs launched in every direction randomly, making it hard to get close. Chaosity is a dangerous being, be careful traveler.

Mechanics - You’ll need a lot of gifts to get Chaosity to a high reputation, she is stubborn stating “I have no care for anyone here.” While you drop gifts she ignores, however if you drop Cursed Scrolls, she will silently pick them up with a reputation buff. When she finally decides to stop attacking, she’ll wonder around, she has a special shop that you can access, having special mage gear, and some dialog related to lore. She sells special bottles of experience which can be drank for an xp boost on kills. She will not sell to you if there are threats nearby however, entering her berserk state again. When you kill her, her lore book is a trap, upon reading it your health rapidly sinks, the book says “NO NORMAL MORTAL CAN POSSIBLY READ THIS.” If you drop the book in a religious place, the book becomes purified, and a lore book similar to Taltain’s is given with the monsters she’s killed, with her own story in it. She also can say something about the area she’s in, like “This Enchanted Forest is filled with an ominous presence below the surface, I seek to not disturb it.” On death she teleports away.

Lore Events (examples) -
These can happen in many ways, when Lore Characters intersect paths, or when certain qualifications are met. They could be small, they could be massive. Either way, you may not be ready.

The Levers - Scattered throughout Vesteria are special levers that appear in random areas, pre-placed, Chaosity randomly leaves a line in her lore book rarely that says “3 2 4 5 6 1, 0 1 1 1 1”, the levers have corresponding numbers on the handle of the lever. So how do you solve this puzzle? Well, you flip them in that order, 3 would not be flipped at all, 4 would be flipped once, and so on and so fourth, basically saying that 0 means not flipped, where 1 means flipped. Upon completion of the puzzle, a metal sound can be heard coming from the lever signifying the door opened in the enchanted forest. Which gives access to some loot or something. The levers are rather mystifying.

Cursed Tablet - Very rarely, a monster can drop an ancient tablet, with a random fate on it, if it says “You’ll be blessed.” On your next monster kill, it drops a lot of a set amount of coins. If it says “You’ve been cursed.” Several giant versions of that monster will spawn around you. There can be more to it then this, but the fate doesn’t apply until you’ve picked it up. The tablet selling price is 5s. The fate cancels upon dying or going to another area. Who knows what they are, and what they imply?

Lore Character/Events Limitations & Exceptions -
Lore characters/events can only appear in non-event places such as, the SQR, the Coliseum, and the Gauntlet are off limits. However, they can appear in the area in between the Whispering Dunes, and Scallop Shores.
Lore Characters appear in all servers at once, but only in all servers for 1 area.
Lore Characters may teleport out after a given time to a neighboring area.
Lore Characters always escape, they never die, just like the player.
Lore Characters don’t take away XP, and money on death, this is because they may be too strong for the area they are in.
Lore Characters can’t appear in Mushtown, Port Fidelo, Tree of life, Warriors stronghold, or Niglarf, Lore Events can but only in a passive, or secretive nature, no major combat, this is to provide a certain expectation that the player can be sure of, and so they don’t get slaughtered in a safe zone. The lore characters will automatically teleport past these areas.

Thanks for reading this, if you could upvote my topic, that’d be awesome because it’d increase the chances of a developer reading this, and I’d love to see things like this get added to the game. Provide critique, and other questions that I’ll answer below.

I loved it. That would be fun and I love how you described it so specifically. I think this should get many votes sense this could maybe motivate people to be in parties. In parties they would feel safer and help each other deal with this problem. I’m always looking for others ideas to motivate people to play in parties. This seems like a fun idea and it would make the game 10 times better to have more lore and some such as reputation.

Really great idea. I love games that not only set you off on an adventure, but have a path to it. I feel this would greatly improve Vesteria. Maybe you can even learn a few extra tricks from some?