Looking for Dyes! (And Ancient scrolls)

I want to make all my equipment look fancy and nice.
I’m looking for: Yellow dye, red dye, and black (grey since yall are so insistent on calling it that) dye.
Also ancients are welcome as well. Willing to pay handsomely (to an extent) for all of these items.
I don’t really wanna pay robux for em at the barber shop but i will if i have to.

Look in mushtown general, I pinged u bout something.

Apologies for this, but let me correct your mistakes because I assume you’re a little inexperienced to Vesteria

It’s yellow dye

There’s no black, but there’s grey which is close to black

No def ancients, sorry

barber shop (spinny pole place at nilgarf)

I’m actually not that inexperienced! I’m an Alpha player that just got back into the game after a good few months of being away. I was still in the spider lair when I came back. I did know that there was no black, but everyone calls it that. And yes I did just learn about the barber shop. : )
I assumed there were def ancients but Ill change that since both of the comments on this post are about there infact being NONE of the sort

its black dye youre just mental smh

it is true that people use grey dye with intent to make it black but all dyes must be light because it shouldnt be too appearance changing because it costs ethyr

so light black is grey

Tomato, To-mat-o. (You get it)
Do you have any dyes to sell?

Aye. I got one Ancient Scroll for Weapon ATK.

i can sell you ancients