Long time no see?

TL-DR With help from @WaterWolfX, I got my Forums account back which is a big pog, and I actually got back into Vesteria which is another big pog.

I can’t remember when I left exactly, there is probably some cringey forum post I made regarding the matter (you can find it if ya want) but to be quite truthful I never really liked the idea of coming back to Vesteria, for most games I play there is always an ending which normally results in me never coming back but for some odd reason that I cannot disclose even to myself I decided to come back here.

I started getting back into Vesteria a few weeks ago, I started playing with a few of my mates one of whom was just like me and hadn’t played since post-beta release, and the other of whom, I actually don’t know to be extremely honest with you. And boy did I get abused (but not in a bad way) I don’t have enough fingers or toes to count how many stupid questions I had about the game especially in Forsaken Isle from things like. ‘‘Is stamina removable,’’ and, ‘‘how much gold is a lot of gold?’’ so if you were one of the less fortunate souls to come across my message in a server I am deeply sorry but I am unable to replenish your brain cells.

Other than that I’ve had an absolute blast playing the game so far even though I pretty much skipped a good 8 months drama, updates and a lot of other things but hopefully I stay here longer than I was here before. I hope that if anyone has since quit Vesteria (before major updates and especially if they quit post-beta) that they should consider coming back as the game is so much better now.

That’s all from me, and if you do see some stupid questions from me, please do not hesitate to beat me.


wb gamer ive got no idea who u are :sunglasses:

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face it you cant leave vesteria you may say you are going to but in reality you still have some hope for the game


i sort of remember you lol

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:flushed: hi kewtey

i sort of remember you too, i don’t remember you being a gamemaster, or moderator, for a rough timescale or whatever i first joined a week before meta first got moderator.

yeah, i got gamemaster recently from being a tester for a couple months.

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Long time no see.

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Hi there I remember you (kinda)

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Ah, Kiri, my old friend. Thanks for helping me get to Auk earlier aha, (no drops after like 30 attempts) appreciate it!

Ah, welcome back gamer (yea you probably don’t know me since I changed my username a few months ago)

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Welcome bacc

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welcome back bud bud.
i didnt meet you at all but its nice to see old faces come back to this game.

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sort of remembering gang

In terms of drama, I don’t think you missed much.

Weeeeelcome back. The death trap that is Vesteria never truly lets anyone go.

I seem to recall seeing your goodbye post and laughing maniacally to myself that you’d be back eventually. There’s only been a minor 8 months drama, with a big game overhaul set for the next few weeks/months, so now is as good a time as any to get back.

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Sounds good.

iirc, i was in your guild lol.