Log 2 (Day 2?) of stick to 45

Same thing as the other log. Played Vesteria for a while. Reached lvl 5. Killed some shrooms. Died a few times.
Ive decided that I won’t be putting any stat points or getting any skills. One day I’ll post a picture or two.
I’ve made some good progress. I didn’t get double slash Nor have I assigned any stat points.
On a side note: The big number ‘20’ at the side of my screen is as nice as the message that pops up every time I enter the game.

@1noob recommends that I just wanna edit one post with all the logs? Think I should do that? Or should I make a post for each log so as to not get confused and find the logs easier? (The new logs will be on ‘new’ section.) Also have plans to compile the logs in the end anyways (I’d rather do that :v.) (if/when I reach 45).

  • All logs one topic?
  • One log per topic?

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log 1

First post

AnswerRemoved’s original post which has the rules and stuff 1


just edit 1 post

Sorry, I don’t seem to understand what you mean?

He’s saying too not create multiple posts and just put all the logs and updates into one post

Oh ok u think I should do that?

use this guide from this gamer should make easier unless u have a strict anti cheese policy or something

I already saw it. You might have made a tiny oversight though. I can’t assign skill points= no magic missile or rock throw