Log 1 of stick to 45

Finally got time to play Vesteria. Didn’t play for long though (only about 15mins).
Soo, I started the challenge. First thing that I noticed was that I was alone. Went and killed about 3 babies. Then I couldn’t fine anymore. And as I was alone, they weren’t spawning. So I tried to kill a normie shroom, got 2 shotted quick. Finally killed it after like a few minutes. Not worth it. The exp gain was incredibly small compared to the effort needed to kill it. So, I had to use my last resort. Killed chickens. Yeah. Leveled up once. I haven’t assigned my stat points yet. What should it be? Sorry this post is a bit low effort just a bit tired. Might improve tmrw or something.

Update: should I get double slash? And should I be allowed to use a different variant of stick (e.g. fierce stick) if I get it as a mob drop from treemuk?

  • Get double slash
  • Do not get double slash.

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  • Can use stick variant
  • No use stick variant

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Ok seems like an obvious win for each so polls have been closed.
First post

AnswerRemoved’s original post which has the rules and stuff

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i would suggest an decent spread between dex and str for crits

I only have three stat points to work with hehe.

prolly 2 str 1 dex

I’d personally recommend farming Baby Shrooms to level 3, then Shrooms to level 5, Elders/Crabbys/Hogs to level 10 and from there farming Scarecrows. I didn’t really get past that point, so after that it’s your call.

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The thing is, Mushtown is unpopular to higher level players (which is most of the community). The mob spawn in Mushtown is so incredibly low that I have to resort to farming chickens for exp. BTW, how did you get stronger back then? There wasn’t a +1atk per lvl up back then?

No death penalty, also +2% damage per level (I think) was implemented already. Now it’s +1 ATK and +2%.

Ok thanks.

i cheated and got to 29 with a blessed stick

Updated topic with new polls

Polls closed due to obvious win for one side.