Locket items idea

I think you guys staff should add an item like this. Here’s what it could be:

  • Can be equipped in the inventory menu
  • Permantly increase stat pts (STR-VIT-INT-DEX):
    +) Rarity included (could be like common(1 pt)-uncommon(2 pts)-rare(3 pts)-etc.)
    +) Class rarity (like Hunter locket will be str+1 vit+1 int+1 dex+3)
  • Obtain from mob drops
    +) Normal: Lv * 1 (Ex: Elder mushroom is lv 5(or 6 forgot lol) so the chance will be: 5*1=5%)
    +) Giants: (Lv *10)*10% (Ex: Giants elder mushroom chance will be: (5 *10)*10%=55%)

That’s it :slight_smile: Tks for reading! :tada: