Locked out from editing old post

Pretty simple. I posted PoTM’s forum post in #discord-servers a couple months ago
[PoTM] Protectors of The Mushroom - The 1 Year Guild
Now, when I went back to try and edit it, I’ve been unable to. Why is this? Can anything be done about it?
I’m still able to edit the post’s title.
This must be pretty recent because I last edited it under a month ago.

Edit: Doteki can’t edit Seaside Syndicate’s post, either.

Leaving a topic unedited for too long will make it uneditable.

The same goes for The League of Magic, I can not edit my guild’s forum post.

thats unfair ngl.

Just checked Discourse configurations and it looks like there’s an edit time limit function for editing old posts, defaulting to 2 months (86,400 minutes). Could this be increased?

Just ask a mod to turn the post into a wiki, Meta didi it with the Vindicate guild post and now we can edit it (other people can too bit we can reverse it)