Live on vesteria... please

i love this game, ive spent at least 2k roux on it, and i rlly don’t want it do die. if it dies. then. well. ill be very sad. berezaa, dont kill vesteria. let it live. pls. vesteria is too fun for me to lose. pls, any confirmation that it wont die would make me very happy
f in the comments if vesteria dies

Well, Vesteria probably wont be down permanently, only for the next few weeks. It’ll be a bit tough to find stuff to do, but I personally think Vesteria will probably be much better off after these few weeks with absolutely no information on progress given, just because there’s no pressure on the devs to not make updates that will cause backlash, instead they can pursue the updates they want to personally make.

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Ber stated clearly that game is returning in a few weeks somewhere in the discord server.

ok. vesteria wont die. good. hope it comes back up soon. imma try to find something hats not broing to play while i wait

Hopefully you can get some nostalgia here to pass the time Let us remember our experiences in Vesteria Beta as we near an year of the Beta phase

Also, here’s your comfimation
.Vesteria will return in a week

oh yeah. that. i wasent sure if berezaa had changed his mind

yeah i was wondering its been a week

7 days ago :c

about 2 days i bet till it opens back up

So vesteria supposed to be returning today right??

any day now. also, nice name. i’m surprised u got it

Not necessarily. The “one week” thing was just an “at best” estimate, in reality it’ll probably be quite a bit longer.

lol thanks got it on roblox to


damn it

tomorrow would be good. or today

some games to play while u wait for vesteria to reopen are:
world // zero, booga booga (i love used to love the game a lot), epic minigames, mm2.

It’s true I don’t want the game to die,

But stuff happens. Things come and go, life happens. I don’t get why people are begging for a game to stay alive to literally nobody when it’s mainly up to the player base and some devs.

In reality, the game won’t be down forever most likely. It’s been kind of refreshing, not playing that game for a while now.

ok. vesteria will be back in 7 days or less. i want it now tho, but they prob just haven’t finished the update yet