Literally 90% of Every Server I go to are Rangers

Hunters are proportionally too powerful. The DPS of Hunters is insane compared to even Berserkers (who are supposed to be the ones who rush into battle and do insane damage). This is a huge problem for the players as now the whole Meta is Ranger and being any other class feels weak.

I don’t think Ranger should be nerfed per se, but Warriors and Mages need to definitely be buffed or at least made more equal to Hunters.

One of the arguments against buffing Berserker is that it has the best burst damage with assault. This may be true, but it would be by so little that I couldn’t imagine it beating the insane DPS of a bow-user. Especially taking into consideration that assault misses frequently and uses up MP, plus I’m pretty sure you can take damage while using it. Bows have insane DPS, especially with the introduction of Three Arrows being shot at once (I have seen each arrow do more than 600 damage if my memory serves me right). Berserker is supposed to be the one dishing out insane damage (especially considering that it takes insane amounts of hits) and having a subclass that can not only do higher DPS but has range, does not seem fair in the slightest.

Currently, Knights seem to be in a good enough place where it is able to tank damage, which is the main purpose of the subclass. I can’t speak much for Paladins, but it seems like a huge problem for them is a lack of weapons.

Mages scaling with magic bombs and such brought its downfall for the most part. Coupled with that and bows having better ranged DPS than it, I barely see mages roaming around anymore. Having an INT buff and lowering the threshold of DEX needed for multiple magic bombs could potentially solve this issue.

A huge argument against balancing, in general, is that it shouldn’t matter how strong the subclasses/classes are and people should just enjoy their preferred playstyle. This does not make any sense and is not happening at all. Nobody wants to be playing something that is so much weaker compared to Ranger/Hunter, and that makes sense. So now, there is a huge influx of Hunters, creating an RPG that is non-diverse, therefore making Vesteria staler.

Yeah mages without subclasses are really bad rn, should get buffed

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I just hate the berserker M1 combo, the hitbox is garbage and it’s slow.

Rangers definitely need a nerf, the multi arrows lag everything


might wanna change title to Rangers instead of Hunters, Assassins & Tricksters can’t compete with other classes as much as Ranger does. you also failed to mention either of the other hunter subclasses in the post.

yeah, especially tricksters, they’re so useless right now I feel so bad for everyone who chose it
but both need a buff

I think that the dex bonuses for the bows should be nerfed for sure because I don’t think there’s much ways to make other classes more op.

Just by getting like 35 dexterity, your current DPS as ranger will be DOUBLED

remember that this is not like magic bomb, because this is a BASIC attack

Changed the title from ‘Hunters’ to ‘Rangers’.

i love how ranger was also op around this time last year too


Oh please, try being a Paladin.

I wish I chose paladin.

This is inaccurate. Assassins are completely garbage except from the fact that they have shadow walk which gives them cool mobility. Tricksters suck too. Rangers are the only real hunter subclass the can do real damage.
Just nerf rangers instead of buffing them please. Rangers make everything else look like a pile of trash.

They have everything in their skillset. Stock Hunter gives them mobility and melee power, Ranger gives them everything else they need for ranged battles AND AoE. Besides, in the scorpion pits, a ranger can just Hail of Arrow a bunch of Stingtails and get tons of ExP without even trying. Hail of Arrows lasts too long, deals too much (dmg), and costs too little (mana).
And they steal all the good loot, I’ve seen a level 35-6 ranger shred Dustwurms like a knife thru butter, and I as a level 40 Mage was struggling to gain EXP due to like 3 other rangers in the Pit.
Edit: >:(

What is a stock hunter?

Hunter skills obtained before the player has chosen a subclass, for example Shunpo.

Your getting it wrong, melee hunters (both subclasses) are absolutely trash while rangers are top notch op.

Not all hunters are rangers, please don’t associate melees with rangers.

Hunters in general is a balanced class, the power just isn’t distributed much. Ranger has the power of 2.5 classes while trickster and assassin only have 0.25 each