Literal Farming

If owning property were to become a feature in the game, I think growing crops for a profit would be another good way to spend time in Vesteria.
This way, there would be something other than fishing, exploring, and fighting.

Farming would be a good Profession to add onto the list in this topic.

That topic mainly focus on professions that will help the player’s status, whereas this topic, farming, is just something extra do to for a little silver, like fishing.

Farming is a Profession. If they end up adding Farming, it would most likely be how they envision Fishing to be in the future. Which is pretty much a profession.

Players will be able to sell items they fish up (treasure and rare fish) and in farming’s case, sell whatever they farm. If that doesn’t sound like a Profession then I don’t know what does.

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Just put some thought into what I said. What I meant by status based was, its more focused on sub-class roles. But the idea I am suggesting is more for all classes.

Anyone can be a Blacksmith, Engineer, Fisherman, or Farmer, etc. without having a certain sub-class? I don’t see how sub-class roles affect what Proffesions players choose?

Well, I am not going to suggest one of my ideas under his topic. Sorry, but if i suggest an idea, I would rather create my own topic. And since the topic does not consist of farming, the one that you quoted, then I don’t have to worry about my idea being discussed. So I am going to leave it where it is.

I merely suggested that Farming would be a good Profession to be added onto the topic I linked.

Do you really see an assassin being an engineer or a black smith?
Blacksmiths are more likely to be warriors.
Engineers, mages.
Fishermen, hunters. That’s why you get the fishing pole from the hunter tunnel.

I responded. Don’t take offense to my response. It’s nothing greater than what it is. I just provided a response and reasoning for my decision. I was not trying to add any hostility to it.

Isn’t Fishing available to all classes? I don’t see a requirement that Players be hunters to fish?

So by your own words, wouldn’t farming be similar to fishing = available to all players

I’ve played multiple MMORPG’s that had Professions like Blacksmithing and yes even Farming in them, and I never saw a requirement that players had to be a certain Class to acquire a certain Profession.

Isn’t this basically racism but with classes? You’re basically stereotyping all assassins.

Keep this conversation civil. Racism has nothing to do with it.
And regarding my other responses, I’ve realized that they didn’t really matter, so I am going to end it there. I have already stated that I am keeping my topic here, and that’s that.
So go on if you’d like, pulling “class-racism” into this, but your hysterical beliefs will have no impact on my decision.

Sorry sir, but you were the one stereotyping classes not me.

If that isn’t stereotyping then I don’t know what is.

All I did was suggest Farming to be added as a Profession idea to another topic. Nothing about moving your topic. You’re the only one here that thinks I’m telling you to move your topic.

Not once did I ask you to move your topic about adding Farming into the game. I just suggested Farming to be added as a Profession on the list on another Topic. You merely misunderstood the entire time. No worries, we all make mistakes in life.

And never once did I say you told me to move my topic. Seems like you’re the one who made the mistake.

By saying that, you’re clearly insinuating that I told you to move your topic.

Sorry sir, but you’re still wrong.

I insinuated no such thing. My insinuation is based off of the rest of the paragraph, not just that one sentence. You can’t tell me what I actually “meant” by what “I” “said”. You just interpreted that way.
Thus me not be being wrong, but you.

You literally make no sense lmaooo

Am I supposed to read your mind good sir?

Exactly my point. If you cannot read my mind, then you are you accusing me of insinuating something that I wasn’t?

Wuuuuuutttt? LMAOOO None of what you’re saying makes any sense.

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How so, it is relevant to your previous responses, you just aren’t making any efforts to understand them. Maybe you should re-read the responses, including yours.