List of Guilds in Vesteria

Pilgrim Outlaws

I wonder if you can get the names of the leaders of each guild and their life status (Shut down? Dead? Active?).

Maybe even their forum post if they have it.

It’d be hard work, but this is really just something I look at and see my own guild and say “Huh, that’s mine”.

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I am alive and kicking :>

True guild leaders will stay active, and that’s a great idea.

The problem is that some guilds sort of drift in and out of activity, or stop playing Vesteria but still remain in the guild for a different game.

Another issue is actually getting to certain guild posts that have now been unlisted. Some of the new ones were posted in General Discussion and their posts are now unlisted, meaning unless you have the link they’re inaccessible.

A third issue is determining who the leader actually is, especially for in-game guilds. Not so much an issue on the forums, but for in game guilds it is.

One final issue to bring up is just how awful it would look. The forums has this weird formatting thing where no matter how much you space out two words in the editor, they just appear next to each other in the actual post.

For example, between the words “between” and “the” that I just typed, there’s a massive space in the editor. Here’s what it looks like in the editor perspective:
This makes it very difficult to make lined up text without the use of a table, which just ends up looking really awful across a long post.

So yeah, that’s why I probably wont include more information other than the name of the guilds.

What about in another post? Would that be possible?

That would help with the formatting, but it doesn’t help determine which guild is active, which is inactive, and finding unlisted posts.

Nevertheless, here is every forum post for the listed groups I could find (in order of appearance on the list):

Vanguard: I’ve been told they have a post but I haven’t found it. Please let me know if this needs correcting.

Rogue Vesterians: An example of a post that was probably unlisted that I can no longer find.

Typical AnswerRemoved…

MFW the “lol” guild isnt there

I love this post.

:flushed: Greyvale re-established :flushed:

Welcome back boi

If you wanna toss my guild in there you can but it’s just me, my friends, and one rando. The guild would have been called The Wrathspirit House after my RL house but chat tags be nuts. !

Just updated with a few more guilds. Keep in mind that I am continuing to add more and more guilds to this list including those suggested in the replies, so keep sending any guilds you see, make and/or know of that aren’t currently on the list!

What about Revin?

It’s there. Ctrl + F might be useful to try to find guilds on the list.

Oh, didn’t see it. Was on mobile so no Ctrl F. Sorry

We have a post on the forums for our Guild now! - :cowboy_hat_face: Clerics

Added a few more guilds and moved some stuff around. Still working on this, despite how it may seem.

I made a new one in the proper category :cowboy_hat_face:

Vest Area exists now

Also if Seaside gets a separate name for the second guild does Vindicate get a second name for vindicate (with a lowercase V)?