List Of Bugs and Improvements

When you fall into the void you can respawn and get infinite run. Its really OP.

This isn’t a bug but it irritates me. You can access TONS of places you shouldn’t such as on scallop shores. If you go behind the enterence to seaside path from scallop shores you can see a few NPCs. Others include a massive ice sheet in the warrior hideout and much more. Just put an invisible collidable part around the edge of the map.

Large areas are really empty and simply just have trees and shrubs in them. Chests would be nice in these areas as it gives a larger reason to explore.

Please, please PLEASE add a storyline to this game! It would be great! I don’t know if ur in the process of this but PLEASE!

Mage and Hunter hideouts? Where are they?

They will not add a “main story” but rather small stories. They will also have in-game lore.

Mage and I believe Hunter faction HQ are currently being built.

I don’t see how people can get irritated by this. I don’t even go up to the edge of the map.