List of all Planned Ability Variants (And Some of my Ideas for New Ones)

Variants preceded by [SUGGESTION] are, of course, suggestions and may or may not currently be planned.

The 3 movement abilities Double Jump, Combat Roll, and Blink will not have variant suggestions in this post.

Adventurer (All Variants Require 20 Points in the Right Stat in Order to Learn the Variant.)

  • Rock Throw
    • Magic Missile (INT Variant)
    • Leech Seed (VIT Variant)
  • Regeneration
    • Haste (DEX Variant)
    • Dark Trade (VIT Variant)
    • [SUGGESTION] Rage (STR Variant) - Decrease your defense but raise your attack speed and damage.
  • Double Slash
    • Triple Slash (STR Variant)


  • Shunpo (Special)
    • [SUGGESTION] Power Dash (50 STR Variant) - Hitting an enemy will launch them in the direction you were dashing.
    • [SUGGESTION] Switch Strike (30 INT Variant) - Hitting an enemy with Shunpo will teleport them back to wherever you were before you used it.
  • Execute
    • Life Leech (30 VIT Variant) - Executing an enemy will heal you.
    • Explosive Execution (30 INT Variant) - An enemy killed by execute will explode upon death.
    • [SUGGESTION] Auto-Kill (50 DEX Variant) - Execute is automatically used once an enemy’s health reaches below xx%.
  • Barrage
    • [SUGGESTION] Power Strike (30 STR Variant) - Hitting an enemy with barrage will knock them backwards.


  • Ground Slam (Special)
    • Ground Blast (50 INT Variant)
    • [SUGGESTION] Seismic Stomp (30 VIT Variant) - Stomp on the ground, creating a high-damage shockwave with some armor piercing (and a slightly smaller radius than regular Ground Slam) to stun enemies.
  • Quick Slash
    • [SUGGESTION] Slash Flurry (30 DEX Variant) - Unleash a quick combo with your sword.
    • [SUGGESTION] Pillaging Thrust (30 VIT Variant) - Plunge your sword into an enemy and steal some health.
    • [SUGGESTION] Slashing Uppercut (50 STR Variant) - Slice upwards with your blade and cause any enemies hit to be knocked back and begin bleeding.
  • Parry
    • [SUGGESTION] Mana Block (30 INT Variant) - Parry will work on Magic attacks.


  • Thundercall (Special)
    • [SUGGESTION] Mana Smite (50 VIT Variant, Probably) - Beams of mana power will hit the ground and explode.
    • Zap (30 STR Variant)
  • Magic Bomb
    • [SUGGESTION] Multi-Bomb (30 DEX Variant) - Fire multiple bombs from your staff.
    • Wind Bomb (30 STR Variant, Probably) - Fires a small, fast-moving piercing bomb with multibang.
    • [SUGGESTION] Magic Blast (50 INT Variant) - Charge up a MASSIVE bomb with an enormous radius that moves quite slow.
  • [SUGGESTION] Mana Pulse - Create a pulse of mana moving outwards from you, damaging enemies it hits.
    • [SUGGESTION] Flare (30 VIT Variant) - Larger radius, heals allies when hit.

Make sure to let me know if anything is missing!
Also make sure to read my The New Subclass Plan series, I’m going to be updating many of the abilities since I wasn’t aware of certain variants.


Multi bomb is the dexterity variant of magic bomb and pure Mana bomb is the intelligence variant.


Bump again. I want to keep this alive so more people can see (and give me some feedback on my suggestions).

I really like most of these suggestions, and although I have heard zap to be possibly re-added as a STR variant of thundercall, I think due to the wind magic theme of STR variants that have been said, maybe zap would work nice (cosmetically) as a wind blast called ‘windcall’.
Anyway, I am unsure if it has been confirmed, but it may well be re-added as a STR variant, so it may be a good idea to add it to the list.

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Bumpity bump bump bump.

Hopefully when zap is redone it’s like a single strike of lightning (with the cool shockwave) but it’s fired in the horizontal position , maybe it’s gimmick could be some sort of dmg spread? Like if you hit an enemy it could jump to the nearest mob to it and do dmg. Also it should act like simulacrum were it doesn’t freeze you in a spell casting animation with a reduced cool down.


these are good ideas ngl.

Any feedback on the fourth mage ability suggestion?

wind pulse makes more sense as a str variant as wind magic is meant to be physical

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For a dexterity variant for thunder call how about thunder clap?Thunder clap would strike enemies with bolts of lightning multiple times as well as having a stun effect .

Great idea! I wanted to make all the abilities follow a certain pattern, which is why I didn’t add a DEX variant for Thundercall or a STR variant for Mana Pulse. Berezaa may have a different plan, so I’ll make amendments based on what the devs say the plan is.

Going to link my “The New Subclass Plan - Hunters” here just because.