List of all current Known Bugs in Vesteria

Thats quite big

meta doing gods work by recognizing all bugs

Meta there was a bug and short story I need 1 gold please. Thanks.

Part of Skirmisher Boots do not show

I always thought that the boots were always like this lol

How could they be shoes if they don’t cover your feet?

I don’t know, I’ve always used these before I got Ravager Boots and something in my brain thought so

This will hopefully reduce the amount of duplicate bug reports.

now we shall pray people read this :pray:

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interesting that you managed to find this…

what about dyed straw hat z-fighting

thanks im on it

This is literally the worst
I thought it was right as you die
not as you spawn
knowing this makes literally this entire bug kinda small
still, most people instantly use an ability to bypass the stopping mechanic of the sqr cutscene
so this has ended up with me not being able to attack the queen around 3 times
I mean
atleast I know how to prevent it :confused:

Don’t. Necropost. Please.

I also got a bug where I get tped to main menu when farming, happends a lot in the sewers as a mage and it seems I’m not the only one. If you want more info dm me (gameking000#9844) so far it has been hard to report something.

New bugs,
1, In sewers text from NPCs is global so even when there are multipele layers of walls you can still see what they say.
2, Dash skills can go through the bars in the sewers.
3, Getting kicked when dealing too much damage or hitting too many characters (one of the two).