Link your Roblox Account to Your Vesteria Forums Account (Suggestion)

So as we know the forums doesn’t have that many people, the forums is basically the same active people, posting, and posting over and over again. We need new people… So I have a suggestion to make. The developers should make it where you can link your Roblox Account, to your Vesteria Forums Account. This way players would want to check out the forums. Linking your Roblox Account, to your forums account would be something similar to linking your account to the Vesteria Discord. Linking your forums account could give you a small reward, like 50 silver, so it would encourage people to link their accounts.

This is just a suggestion, if you guys think this should be a thing, make sure to like this post :slight_smile:

I’m not entirely sure this is possible but cool idea i guess

Then again there are users under 13 so… they’d be at a slight disadvantage.

I don’t think more activity is necessarily positive. I like the people who post here already, they contribute their own ideas and give their views on others.

I don’t think somebody who isn’t even capable of making an account on these forums could really contribute effectively - I don’t want people to come on here for 50 Silver.

I don’t think that Roblox would allow for something like this to happen.

I think it would be entirely possible. Miner’s Haven had a whole leaderboard which showed the user’s life, and I don’t think that data was entered by hand, considering the amount of people who played Miner’s Haven. It did have a few minor issues in terms of ranking, but it did exist. (currently the website is down, but you used to be able to find it at, at least according to this tweet:

At this point, the question is “is it worth taking the time to do” and “if it is, should it be done in the first place”.

That is entirely different than what is being suggested. In that case ber taking data from his game and putting it on a website. It didn’t involve any rewards in game, or asking players to link their account with that website.

Set the category to #site-feedback since this is a suggestion for the site, and while in theory it sounds cool, it’d just be kind of weird.

So its like pay to win with out paying. Pay to slave on the forums?

My 50 silver thing was a suggestion, but I am just saying they should get a SMALL reward, to encourage them to go on the forums. Also I think this feature would be also helpful to everyone because if we were to link our roblox accounts to our forum accounts, people could know our IGN.

How hard is it to just edit your profile to show your IGN?

Well I was actually thinking more along the lines of is it possible to do with the forums because they’re made with discourse not just a normal website

Similar to verifying in MH