Limited Time Events

DISCLAIMER This post is not referring to roblox events, where you can gain an item for your character. As well i understand this idea will not be added until later once the game is more developed. This is just a concept that I believe would greatly help the game.

One thing that keeps MMO RPGs interesting is the many limited time events. This tends to include a boss battle or maybe quest, that is only available for a short time, say a week or two, and then either never return to the game, or occasionally return possibly once a year. This grants the ability for players to earn some very cool, powerful and potentially rare items. This is something that no game on roblox has sought out to accomplish yet, not even the most popular RPG games like SB2 and Fantastic Frontier.

It also gives something to entice players to keep playing the game, possibly once every 1-2 months having a special quest, boss, or whatever it may be appear in the game for a limited time, will keep the players on edge and fighting to obtain the best and rarest loot, or abilities. This too can also make it possible for a player to get a one of a kind item, given correct circumstances such as ability and timing (if a boss is super hard to beat and is open for 3 days).

Yes it is true that this would be more work. But quality content will take work and i believe this idea is what could set the game apart from anything else that is seen on roblox so far.

Side note
In doing this, it would also provide the opportunity for an “in-game news paper” that players can walk up to and see the events that are coming up (or possibly just subtly hint to an event coming up)

Interesting idea.

Gud one :ok_hand:

What About An In-Game News Paper Written By The Players? With Their Stories In It As Well As Maybe Hints For Levelling Up Or Even Doing The Bosses?

Or a beta book like in SAO lmao

loved the idea . I also think that if I had events of times like Christmas, Easter and Halloween, some nice legal, where could have boss and events and also would be very cool necklace trages of fantasies, where could give some more attributes to the players.

I NEED IT!! pls devs this man gave us the juice of heaven dont let it spoil you could say its a limited time thing :wink: .
(ik ik this was a little over the top)

Oh they probably will lol Miner’s Haven did that with exotics

This would be perfect to set the game appart