Likes being disabled on posts

Likes being disabled on some post

NOTE: This topic used to be on a similar subject but I decided to change it completely and bump the topic (this was also mentioned in my other topic Debate on the mechanics of "New User of the Month" badge) the reaon I made this seperate is becuase this is its own seperate issue and most poeple never even read my other topic or just read the TL:DR

Some posts for unknown reasons have likes disabled (or replaced by votes, which don’t do anything or give you any kind of statistic), primarily ones posted in the game play balance category.

The problem with this is that a lot of posts that are deserving of recognition are sometimes posted in categories with votes instead of likes or with likes disabled, How is this fair?

All topics except bug #gameplay-improvements:bug-reports and #general-discussion:marketplace should have likes enabled alongside votes.

(BTW, you can like marketplace posts but not game play balance posts, so you get likes for selling things and advertising but not for helping fix the game? Yikes.)

(people also don’t really seem to care about topics listed as #site-feedback)

I am probably gonna get called out for wanting likes or something but you cant deny this is just silly.

This should be added, though its not really that needed.

its not just that category. some posts just dont allow likes for some reason. its not due to restrictions.

thats still a problem

i think theres a certain requirement for likes to be enabled. i wonder what it is though

maybe images?

if thats the case there should be readily available information explaining what the requirements are

Votes replace likes, which is dumb since votes really don’t do anything.

but what about the posts with both votes and likes

They don’t coexist on the same post. Unless you are referring to replies which can only be liked.


um #gameplay-improvements/new features
sorry im brainlet
i thought they had both

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the reason I didn’t make it a entirely new topic is because it was too similar and would just get merged to this one

lol i like it

ok maybe not

bump berezaa is online and needs to see this

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thats interesting