Level cap (15 characters)

So the level cap is 30 rn but alot of people are reaching it and i was just wondering when it will be increased in the future. When the spider miniboss is added an increase in the cap to level 35 would be nice and 40 or something when the mushroom king raid is out, for example

Level Cap is something I don’t really see changing all too drastically (at least, not this early on). I feel that we’ll get an XP squish before anything, all the players who are level 30 will probably “be set back” to roughly 24 or so. That way they can go through new content that is for their level and be able to feel more accomplished when they reach Level 30.

In the twitch stream he said that there will be a dungeon and you might need to be level 70 plus to enter. So yes the level will increase. The dungeon wont be here for months though.

The Part Where You Say

Is Well Obviously Fake. Berezaa Says Level 20.

He did mention level 70, but that might’ve been an offhand comment.

Level 70? Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut? Where did you hear this

Considering The Dungeon They Plan On Making Will Increase The Level Cap To 40, Having Level 70 Will Still Take Entire Months For Enough Filler Content.

The dungeon is for the Mushroom king. Which is the first 2 areas of the game. Why would it be level 70 to enter?

Not that dungeon. He wants to make a dungeon where 50 players will join and try to beat one main boss. Sorry for the bad wording. But for the mushroom king he said you will need to be in a full party that is all level 20 and up. And one person out of everyone might get the sword staff or the dagger.

You’re talking about the Raid then, not the Dungeon. No worries.

I’m not currently level 30 myself but ik that if i was and i lost 6 levels, 6 skill points, and 18 stat points id be pretty pissed. Idk if you know right now, but the last 8 levels or so to reach max rn is absolutely insane, you obtain a low amount of exp from killing spiders and you need a bunch, so unless you spend a load of materials for health or your just a tanky warrior, then you’re screwed. I dont think level rollback is going to happen as many people would be pissed off