Level 50+ content for true adventures

 So I know berezaa and the other developers of vesteria have already said that level 50 will be the max, but I have some Ideas that could let endgame players continue enjoying the game while still encouraging new players to play the game. These are the following ideas:
  1. Hyper Levels
    Once a player achieves level 50, they will have reached the level cap. This will happen so that
    endgame gear will never stop be viable, as raising the level cap to 100 would make level 50 gear
    useless. So I thought that once players become level 50, why will stop gaining exp from enemies in
    the normal lands of vesteria. They will however be able to keep leveling up with hyper levels.
    Players’ levels would be identified by their hyper level. So a “hyper level 10” player is actually just a
    level 60 player essentially. Instead of getting 3 stat points a level, hyper levels only give stat points
    every 3 levels, and skill points every 10. The stat points gained from hyper levels will not buff the
    player when in the normal vesteria lands.The skill points from hyper levels will stay with the player
    in normal vesteria. The max hyper level would be hyper level 50, essentially making the player lvl
    100. This leads me to my next idea. (my reasoning behind having hyper lvl 50 the max, as wells as
    giving only 3 stat points for every 3 levels is so that this can mesh with the new phase updates.
    Giving an extra 150 stat points and 50 skills points would be too strong, and would allow people to
    have every skill in the game. This is to make it also replayable so theres always a challenge. As for
    stats not transfering to normal vesteria, this is so hyper level 50s dont carry the whole server
    through bosses.)

  2. Terul and Vesra’s Tower
    This tower would be a tower that only level 50+ players can enter. In it is the only way for level 50+
    players to gain exp for their hyper levels. The tower can be tackled in teams of 8 or less. Every time
    entering, floors would be randomly generated. Players will have to explore the floors and beat
    enemies to find the boss room. Enemies in the tower would be the some new tower only enemies,
    along with buffed versions of enemies from normal vesteria, and these enemies could also have
    random color variants. There will be normal bosses, and elite bosses at the end of floors. Normal
    bosses would be super giant versions of a random enemy that appeared on that floor. This means
    you can’t get a giant rubee reskin as a boss if none even spawned on that floor. Elite bosses would
    be every 5 floors, and they would be reskined, giant, and buffed up bosses from normal vesteria.
    An example could be a giant purple yeti boss, or a super giant yellow chad. Boss rooms and normal
    rooms on the floors could contain water as well, so things like buffed snellys or crabbys could be
    there, or even the terror of the deep as a boss. There would be 25 floors in total. Now for the
    rewards. Rooms would be pretty long, maybe around 20-25 rooms. Some rooms could also
    generate traps or pits of acid aswell.

  3. Hyper gear/ drops
    Gear dropped in the tower would be all legendary weapon versions of existing gear. Like a chad boss on floor 10 could drop a legendary mushroom dagger thats at hyper level 20. Hyper gear would have the stats of a level 50 weapons or armor would have the stats of a level 50 piece of gear, but they hyper levels would only added extra stats on to the gear. Since all the gear from the tower will be legendary rarity, all will give bonus exp. But say you get a hyper level 30 piece a gear. The gear would have the def or attack of a level 50 gear, but the extra stats, like extra vit or int of a level 75 piece of gear. Hyper gear would have a blue plus sign to its stats. When the gear is worn in normal vesteria, it will only give the buffs of a legendary level 50 gear, not its hyper level. There could also be tower exclusive weapons or armor dropped for classes as well. Silver and gold can be dropped from enemies as well. Lastly, hyper gear cannont be traded to players who are under hyper level 1.

Just some ideas for some dungeon exclusive enemies:

  1. Skeletons that are glass cannons
  2. A variant of Gaurdians called “Golems”. They would have less health, but would move around slowly.
  3. Piranhas for under water areas.
  4. 3 enemies that would all be related: “Lost warriors”, “Lost Mages”, and “Lost hunters”. They would like the bandits/skirmishers of the tower.

To me, this is just basically raising the level cap higher and only letting players who are level 50 into these area’s/dungeons.

why the color change in mobs??

I like the “Hyper Level” idea!

Perhaps instead of 3 stat points every third level, one stat point every third level (keeping some semblance of balance).

wait wat

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This is a good idea but maybe you can reduce the extra levels from 50 to 10 cause no one would want to grind 50 levels

Nice Post.

I like #2! I think the max should be lower than lvl 100 though, and the new areas should display there “true lvl” so people don’t feel like there back at lvl 10. Maybe the new areas could be like a new version of subcasses, Like there are three or five areas you can choose from that have corresponding gear that fits spesific play types, like ranged, tank, ect.


EDIT: Yes I am now off to the meme megathread to post this.


Sorry guys I have bad grammar. The whole idea behind this is to basically create a sort of rouge-like/re-playable content for endgame. The “Hyper gear” will most likely just be good looking gear with bonuses for fun. Also limiting it to lvl 50+ players is so that it is as seperate as possible from the normal economy, so no incidents happen.

Its strictly for variety, when you see a mushroom from early game, it might give this vibe of being weak. But if it were to be colored purple or orange, it would feel and look stronger. Its also to add more replayablility, like how SQR just shows the same mobs every time is kinda boring.

Yes I am aware. That meme was in response to the guy who said that exp should be farmed for, instead of farming for drops and getting exp incidentally.

Even without that “Hyper Gear”, there is always the godlike feeling of owning a green-tier Legendary Auktufiti’s Ballista. Possible? Yes. Difficult? Very.

EDIT: Also wdym “bad grammar”? I have yet to see bad grammar I can’t interpret somewhat accurately. Bad handwriting, though…

The format of being “hyper level 10” is so you dont have to say the mouthful “Level 50, hyper level 27 berserker”.

ok dats true, but in that case you can just say “Level 77 berserker” and cus your over lvl 50 the’ll know you’r “hyper lvl.” My point is why not merge hyper and normal lvls?

level 50, hyper level 19 :3

The exact same reason the level is capped at 50.

Hyper Levels are like a separate way of tracking levels, to avoid making level 50 gear useless. If the level cap was raised, the devs would have to release new gear to match, making level 50 gear useless. It is confirmed that the devs don’t want to be like World of Warcraft, where you get godly gear from Expansion A, Expansion B is released, the weakest gear from Expansion B making your godly gear from Expansion A utterly obsolete.

Also, my Ranger has been lvl 49 for like 4 months now (I have been playing mostly it), and at this point it would probably be like Hyper Level 30 or something just from incidental EXP (lots of SQR… and not even 50 eggs to show for it, despite solo’ing the queen every time).

Because hyper levels are only relevant for visuals in normal vesteria, while being every important in the tower. I compare this to being a prestige system, where its more menacing to see a level 100, while its less menacing to see a prestige 1, level 50.


They are a prestige system (I forgot the term lol brain fart)

you see
if you only get skill points for leveling up
there should be much more skills/spells

The 50 extra hyper levels is not particually for grinding, its completely optional. You dont need hyper levels to beat the game, but the tower is there for people who want MORE. It also could be used to get cool looking new gear that doesn’t disrupt the already existing normal level 50 gear.