Level 49 Adventurer

So guys, we did it, we reached max level on an adventurer.


ok now put aviators on it for ultimate flex B)

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nice bro

im proud of you. you finally did it!111!

Niceeeeeee this is a epic achievement

odd flex but okay

the devs should make this achievement a badge

I’m gonna work on this now…

Gonna need a Ratking Bucket
Legendary Wooden Shoulder Pads
Legendary Oak Axe
Seven Great DEF scrolls
Three Great Headgear scrolls
Seven Ancient STR scrolls (probably a lot more ngl)
And I’ve otherwise got the next four years of Vesteria planned out.

already been done.

by this guy, I forgot his name, but all his gear is monkey-related, and his name is something about crazy chimps. He has: "banana helm (a snel helm), pots and pans, and yeti boots.


w h y .
why bump.



but it’s still relevant… ish