Lets talk about sub-classes

do you think each class will have sub class(es)?

ex: warrior --> tank


That’d be pretty cool

They need to make a spin off of the ballistic missile Titan from D2, that’d be amazing

dunno about that, it sounds like a crap ton of work

Definitely seems like a cool concept, I’d love to see that.


I think it should go something like this

Mage --> Priest (healing based) or Necromancer (damage based) or Wizard (Satus effect based)

Warrior --> Knight (armor based) or Brute (damage based) or Paladin (heal based, not as good as priest)

Hunter --> Assassin (damage based) or Trapper (trap based) or Rogue (stealth based)

That would be really cool


Here are our current PLANS. Feel free to give feedback and ideas/suggestions on them, but keep in mind we’re pretty bad at planning long-term and things will most likely change drastically.

The tl;dr, after you reach a certain level, you will be able to unlock a more advanced book for your class. There will be 3 books to choose from for each class (these books are essentially the subclasses).

Roughly half of the skills in the subtree books will be shared (i.e. all Mage II books will share some of the same skills) and then the rest of the skills will be unique to the subtree.

With that said, here is what I am planning to do with the mage subclasses:


Warlock - Fire/Dark style magic. Heavy focus on inflicting status effects on enemies and fighting up close to the action.

Sorcerer - Pure energy magic (Ice+Lightning at higher levels). Glass cannon class that puts everything into big splashy attacks

Cleric - Holy/Light style magic. Focus on healing and boosting self and nearby players. Despite being more of a support role, still does plenty of damage.

As for Warrior and Hunter, we’re not sure yet. But we do know that we want to have a warrior support subclass called Paladin for those that want to be a in a more supportive role but also want to be up close in the action.


mage into priest? I think that would discourage some mage mains, expecting it to be more dps than support.


woah thats sick

nvm Berezaa though

I see you got the Beamlock/Voidwalker/WoR Warlock goin on!

Sounds great!

seeing the hunter with ranged weapons would be cool :eyes:

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Hey berezaa, I see you have mages figured out, hopefully my Warrior and Hunter ideas could help.


Haha mateomckee actually got it pretty close to what the team discussed in our meetings. Yeah this is roughly what you will be able to expect.


I think its because I play too much RotMG xD but thanks berezaa. I’ll make sure to pitch in more ideas when I can. :+1:


Don’t worry I spent my fair share of time playing RotMG back in the day :stuck_out_tongue:


Hunter could be split into:
Dark elf

You could use some from Destiny 2 XD

Warlock sounds pretty cool, its a combination of close and far range fighting. Makes me want to chose mage even more.

I completely agree. Dawnblade could be included as well for mage, where all melee abilities are leveled to the same as your mage abilities and doubles it. So basically it grows with you and changes you into a melee class for a short time, but also doubles your power still.