Let's talk about class enhancements

So we heard that subclasses will eventually get enhancements at a certain level, as how Polymorphic stated:

So what do you guys think some subclass enhancements will be for each subclass? If you didn’t know already, the planned subclasses are as follow:

Warriors - Paladin (Support/Magical warrior), Bladesman (DPS), Knight (Tank)

Hunter - Assassin (DPS), Ranger (Ranged attack focus), Alchemist (AoE + CC)

Mage - Cleric (Support), Sorcerer (DPS), Warlock (Dark magic + DoT)

It’s wrong to call the Paladin a support. It’s a subclass that has abilities which will deal magical attacks, which means it scales on INT. It’s basically a physical-magic hybrid. One of it’s abilities will include healing, but that’s not the sole purpose of the class.

Oh, I see. Thanks for clarifying that.

Is the Knight subclass confirmed or will it be something else? Since I’m most likely going for a Defensive subclass. Mage and Hunter sub classes have been talked about, but not much has been heard about the Warrior sub classes other than Paladin.

yeah, same. once sub-classes come out, I will wish to choose the tank sub-class for warrior so it would be very useful to know some more info about what is planned

Warriors are too mainstream for the subclasses to be announced