Lets say the update released today, and you could try out mage

What class would you work when the update releases?

  • Warrior
  • Hunter
  • Mage

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I’d get that spider dagger then go for the mage equipment.

It has a 1/1k drop and is level 13 I think

Ye 4x has the dumb dagger so I already know its level 13 but the drop rate is also nice to know, thanks!

uggh 1/1k drop from spiders?

time to go grind…

adventurer best class

forgot adventurer. disappointing.

Does it inflict a status effect, and is it better than tomahawk?

I heard that it might be poisonous. Otherwise, it would be useless considering it would just be another rusty dagger.

I think the damage is barely lower then the Tomakawk in terms of damage, or base damage if there is a status effect.

It has rusty dagger stats

oh ok

well i mean, warrior if the level cap changes but if it d0esn’t im g0in with mage

Hunter til’ I die

thats if they implement into the game as is, theres gonna be a rework before launch i hope, especially considering rusted daggers already drop form spiders.

If this next update doesn’t raise the level cap I will be disappointed

It wont lol, ber said it wasn’t gonna raise for a while.

wow meanie >:(

I have avoided in making a mage, beacuse how uncomplete it is and how some what painfull it would be to level upp on mages unless you want to mess upp your mage by puting stat on STR which i’d say is you might aswell delete that character cause your mage will be useless in the future. And as Stat wise i’d obv be heavy Int Focus. I’m not sure how if Crits works on magic attacks. if it does i’d put maybe 10% on dex. while 90% goes to Int.