Let's remember our experiences in Vesteria Alpha as we transition to Beta

My experience in Vesteria Alpha and its community perhaps was the best experience I’ve had on Roblox ever. From the day of release to now, it has been a long run, but much more is to come.

My experience in the game

I remember first playing Vesteria on the final playtest. Holy crap, I was impressed. I haven’t seen such a well-made Roblox game before with such an expansive world. Almost everything about it I liked (except for the fact that Giants sniped you across the map, making progression very slow). Bruh, I was so sad when the game had to close and I couldn’t play because I was having so much fun, even though it was hecka buggy.

Thinking back to Day 1 of Alpha, I remember everybody was farming Crabbies for a Fishing Rod and 50S was quite a lot of money at the time. Fishing was the ultimate income at the time. I remember when farming Crabbies in general was OP because they frequently dropped Big Red Potions which were the best potions at the time, and they had stable, frequent spawn rates. Not only that, but their Claws could be traded for Fresh Fish as well. I eventally farmed Crabbies enough to the point where I was able to make a gold from them. Conveniently, they also dropped Ancient Scrolls like crazy; I even got two back-to-back!

I remember having to farm Spiders to level 30, and it was really fun to be a Warrior back then since they were super OP. They were fast, tanky, and high-damaging. They were the ultimate PvE and PvP class alike at the time (when Mage Zap didn’t work).
Here’s a nostalgic gif of the moment I got to level 30 for the first time in Vesteria 1.0.7. As you can see, Lunge Uppercut actually made you lunge, which I wish it could still do. Also, I was running fast because of an infinite run glitch is long gone (patched :slightly_frowning_face:). MP regen was also OP.
#MakeWarriorsOPAgain :weary:

In addition, though much more difficult and slower, I grinded my Mage, then finally my Hunter to level 30 off of Spiders (got a couple Spider Fang Daggers in the process). Not nearly as fun as grinding my Warrior to level 30, but it seemed to fare me well in the long run. I farmed a whopping 5 gold accumulated across all three of my level 30 slots. The version at the time was 1.1.1, and Crabby/Spider drops were rather nerfed then (that was a game-changer for me). Check out the topic where I flexed my level 30 slots!

And around that time was the initial awakening of the Spider Queen. Whew, when berezaa first spawned the Queen. It was chaotic and there were a lot of complaints about drops, but it was the experience that counted. I was pretty surprised; that was one of the most epic boss battles I’ve had on Roblox, even if it was laggy and had legit 50 people fighting it. This picture that someone took is one of my favorites that I’ve seen of Vesteria, and just by looking at it tells you how epic it was:

Coming back to Vesteria about a month later, Scarecrows were introduced, and they spawned pretty densely and gave nearly as much XP as Spiders do. That got me a bit triggered, considering I grinded spread-out Spiders 'til my fingers were no more. I bought myself a Sickle for a sort of hefty price (I have no regrets) since I still needed a long break after grinding those Spiders, so then after I took another break from Vesteria for another month.

Wait a second, is this still a thing?

All monsters seem to be the same size to me (unless they are Giants).

About two more months later, I became active in Vesteria again (I did kill some Rattys and Battys in the Sewers early March/late February but I got bored quickly). Ever since Patch 2.0, I got back into grinding in Vesteria because things just got a lot more interesting/replayable with Marks and more interesting quests. I’m still active in Vesteria to this day, mainly doing the Daily Colosseum Kills Quest and Colosseum chest runs for good daily silver income. Classes seem to be a lot more balanced than they used to be, fulfilling their advantages and stuff, so Colosseum PvP is still sort of desirable for Marks.

Also, when is this coming?

My experience in the community

The forums and the Alpha community have always been epic. Though there may have been some toxicity at certain points but our community is overall awesome.

I remember first joining the forums, not thinking I’d be very much attached on a forums because I wasn’t very good at expressing myself. It was during the playtest and seeing that the game might have costed 1,000 R$. I was surprised by how high the price was, but I knew the potential and quality of the game by playing it so I knew it was fair game. Though 800 R$ was a better price (and the final price).

I remember the Age of Low-Effort Posts, where almost all topics on the forums were in #general-discussion:off-topic and were forum games or just low-effort memes. Here’s an example. Also, let’s pay a tribute to the infamous [Forum Game] Who can post last? topic which was essentially a spam topic to pad participant’s stats. Unfortunately, the end of the age came when berezaa finally announced that low-effort topics were not allowed on January 11, 2018.

I remember the influxes of new users and new Regulars on our forums. Perhaps not all of the OGs and the newcomers have the same views on certain Vesterian topics but most of the time we remain civil. I’m glad to have Members of the forums who answer newcomers’ questions.

I remember getting Regular for being a helpful community member, answering the questions of new forum users. I also remember the wave of first Regulars right after me, the OG elites of the forums such as me, @Phoenix, @TheOfficialSin, @headlessmicrowave, @Nofearon, @Bean602, and a lot more people to name. At this time, the forum became essentially my home; I lived on the forums.

I remember the influxes of guilds and the thrivation of PoTM in its golden age in December. Protectors of the Mushroom had a massive influence on the Vesteria community back then, but now, not so much. Aside from its influential downfall, it is currently the longest standing guild that remains active to this day. PoTM has gone through quite a lot as transitions of power took place, so things have changed quite a lot from how the guild was. It hasn’t recovered from the loss of 22 Gold cough cough that sewer rat @ArcaneFxre, give me yer gold! imma keel haul that scallywag if he doesn’t*, but we are making a rebound and preparing to buy a guild for PoTM when they come out.

Then I remember when @Phoenix, @TheOfficialSin, and I became Leaders, becoming essentially the caretakers of the forums when the devs are online. I couldn’t believe that I became a Leader, it was a great honor to be granted trust to take care of the forums in such a way. To this day, Sin and I watch over the forums, we see everything nowadays. Just make sure you do not break any forum guidelines when you see one of us online :wink:.

To sum it up, the forums are an awesome place; I’ve never been able to participate in such meaningful discussion with a great alpha community before the existence of these forums. Vesteria Alpha was very, very good, and it will be a part of my heart and memory forever.

What was your favorite part of Vesteria Alpha, whether it was being part of the community or your experiences in the game?

Man, Vesteria has quite a bright future.


I like the fact that I made an impact of the forums with me making the anti guild spray meme that went on for too long and I live in Nebraska which is wack when I impacted and am favored in the community by some people as I didn’t think I would get this far at the start and I never knew how to edit photos or anything and that was my first time and now it’s inspired me to follow tech careers in high school.


Bawk! (no jester event)

I had money to burn around Christmas time so I decided to buy Vesteria after checking out the demo. Once I bought it, I instantly fell in love with the graphics, the gameplay, and all the cool places to explore.

One of my top ten memories was getting the mushroom cap, and feeling like the god of exploration. As I continued through the game, I saw more and more cool things, met more and more players. I started a brainless adventurer and turned into an awesome hunter.

This game would not be the same without the community, and some of my best moments are meeting cool people and making new connections, even reconnecting with new friends. The forums are such a cool place to talk about the game and the community is very welcoming. This game has had more of an impact on me than metal gear solid, and that’s saying a lot since I had like 400+ hours in it.

Can’t wait for the beta noobs to come around so we can show them awesome secrets and guide them along their way. I expect to make a lot more friends too!




what is #OGgang and why did i support it?

Bawk! (oh no cube is rebelling against the alpha players and is going to support beta big NOOB)

Bawk! (Just in time!)


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only ogs remember begging berezaa to spawn sq :sob:

Oh boy, this is giving me nostalgia.

I remember berezaa showing off Mushtown in a MH (Miner’s Haven) dev stream and I honestly loved it, but was unsure whether I should buy Vesteria or not. I bought robux 2 weeks before the release just to buy the game. When I played the Vesteria Limited Testing Place, that’s when I met you and @avoiided :smile:.

Now, Day 1 of Alpha was extremely epic, I spent the day exploring and farming crabs for the fishing role. I also remember farming spiders to level 30, that was not fun. I also miss the old abilities, they were actually fun to use.

The first Spider Queen was pretty chaotic, I definitely didn’t like how she was floating in the air. Regardless, I somewhat enjoyed the fight. I remember @Cryptonite getting the first ever crown in Vesteria because he was, according to him, stuck in her body.

That’s some of the things that I remember. Can’t wait for Beta.

@Vult wow on that note

stop flexing your 7 drops you got from before


Ermahgursh I have too much nostalgia rn!!

It’s been a good long 8 months that I’ve been in this community, and wow has it been amazing! I think my earliest memory of Vesteria Playtests was when we were all out running around nilgarf naked stress testing the server limits :joy:

Oh and my Earliest memory of the actual Alpha release would be on Day 0 of release I was farming crabbies for a fishing rod. (Anybody who wasn’t there then, keep in mind this was when the fishing rod had a 1/10k drop chance and there was no other way to get it. Oh also it was brand new and so it had an icon of a wooden sword and not a fishing rod like it does now.) I was a complete noob being like level 7 or something and I was watching all these level 12-14 (a really high level at the time) people grinding for it so I was like, “oh hey that sounds cool I can catch fish!” Then after killing only about 100 crabbies I got a fishing rod and everybody who saw it was so jealous lol. Then I was having a nice peaceful time sitting there and fishing for about an hour just watching crabbies being slaughtered, when my inventory was full and so I went to Nilgarf to sell my fish and other extra items. When I got there I just sold everything I had and went on back to Seaside Path to try and fish some more, only to find that when I tried to equip my fishing rod I had sold the dang thing to the Nilgarf Vendor because it looked like a sword!! Suffice it to say I was not pleased. I just sold the most valuable item in the game, the one that people were buying for several Gold, for freaking 400 copper.

So yea that is pretty much my biggest R.I.P. I’ve had in this game so far. Hope it at least made you laugh :man_facepalming:t2:

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I miss that Who Can Post Last topic. I honestly didn’t even know about stats at the time, I just hated discord because it was so hard to find old replies. There was no way to sort through things when it was just one chat room for the entirety of Vesteria. It was a lot of low effort, but I really don’t think that the post should of been entirely deleted. Also RIP @Flare_Gun, @Kevcrusher and other low effort memers. The forum is still a ton of fun today. Now that people are over the low effort ban, the forum is great.

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Meta be clowninggg :clown_face:

My favorite part of the Alpha is when Chuck (Chicken) clowned Grim so hard in Nilgarf Sewers and the voice chats were so lit. :fire: Like Chuck is honestly a clown ngl :clown_face: he funny ah. Another favorite moment was clapping spider queen for the first time and getting no drops :confused:

#OGgang was way before beta. it was the people who played the playtests vs the new alpha players-- I think.

my memories (from playtests to today, along with a library of vesteria images.
  • Playing playtest 13-16

getting sniped halfway across the map by crabs and spiders, exploring the new Warrior Stronghold, and trying to find my way around the weird-looking GUI’s. New parties that didn’t really work. The currency wasn’t in Mushcoin yet. Also-- more than 3 save slots?!

  • Pre-release

Sitting in the Vesteria Demo servers until 10 at night, waiting for the game to drop. The towers tops kept falling off, and there was a bunch of spam in the chat. I waited around with avoiided and a few other (soon-to-be) PoTM members.

  • Alpha Release

Bridgettehonor was the first person to buy the game, I was close behind him. He and I completed the first quest, and then we sprinted to the Mushroom Forest, almost speedrunning the game. I wanted that ‘first mage’ title. Upon fighting the crabbys, they dropped a crappy item that I first had thought to be a Wooden Club. An hour later, and after becoming a mage, I found out that it was a Fishing Rod, and I was the only person who had one (not to flex, but it was a 1/10k chance and i got it on my first try. :sunglasses:) . The fish prices were a LOT more expensive. From my calculations, you could make 840 silver from around 12 hours of farming (total), and that was excluding chests. And the invisibility skill that made players go fully invisible when used-- and they would never come back. :ghost:

  • Mid-Alpha

Guilds started popping up (and after a failed attempt of creating one), I joined a guild called Serenity with avoiided. There, the activity was too low, so we decided to join a different guild called the Sinister Knights (SK). Even then, the guild died out and avoiided decided he’d joined POTM. I decided that I would just stay, since I disliked POTM’s leader, GeneralOmegus. He and I argued a lot, and never really got to finish some arguments. There was also the winterization of people’s profile pictures. I did avoiided’s profile picture. I became a forums Regular and got access to a super duper secret chatroom. I felt like I was a part of the community. Some people were allowed to be teleported into an unfinished version of Port Fidelio. There, avoiided (i think) made a poll for me to be the Bartender NPC for Port Fidelio’s bar. (i also kind of joined POTM for 5 minutes to make a point against GeneralOmegus and then left immediately). Mages were pretty OP. :sunglasses: I was also kind of stupid and overreacted about POTM.) Septers got banned from the forums for a while. Oh yeah, and Greyvale.

Coughs up blood

  • Late-Alpha

Holy mother of mushrooms! It’s the Spider Queen!

The sewers update was pretty cool, and the long content drought made this community fade for a bit. Nobody really played. People slowly moved on after finishing the content 3 times and becoming a max level adventurer (devolutioneer). Also, content made by the community got boring very quickly as well (guild wars, stonings, PvP). Also, that one pay-to-rank group called Kingdom of Vesteria or whatever, yeah-- that existed.

Wait, the devs are getting an office?

  • Today

Every class seems pretty balanced and there is no controlling guild or faction anymore. The devs have an office and are updating the game at a rapid pace. Personally, I got ranked up to a Vesteria Discord Moderator. I’m glad I stayed with this community. I hope we all have a good time In Vesteria Beta as well!

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I joined alpha on december do I count :wink: