Lets pay our respects to the lost hunter skill


This skill was what made most people wanted to use hunter in the very early game.
It was called _______ _________

this ability allowed hunters to go invisible and hunt without fear, because while invisible, they get 0 aggro.


(the reason why i made this post was because, an hour ago i thought most people knew about this skill, but apparently not.)

That was the Stealth skill right? Pretty sure that’s meant to be one of the Assassin’s subclass skills, that’s why it was removed.

It will be re-added in the future

I never knew about this.

It’ll be re-added when we add sub-classes into the game. It was unfinished anyway, in PVP you’re meant to be entirely invisible not slightly transparent and that didn’t work. It’s also meant to immediately cancel if you attack something.

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Is Shunpo a subclass skill? It would really stink for Hunters to have no transport capabilities other than double jump.

“Every hunter needs the proper tools to successfully assassinate their target… here’s a sneak-peak of just one.” https://gfycat.com/PiercingFormalCondor

since this sneak peek has “hunter” in it, fairly sure the skill is for the class itself

But that’s sad that it never got into the game ;-; Hunters could really use it. It could take 15 MP and be upgraded to 5/5 to deal slightly more damage, more distance, and shorter cooldown. When we tested it, it was broken OP since it dealt weapon damage and had a 1 sec cooldown AND took only 5 MP.

It’s planned for hunter. I can look into it being added next update.

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Do you know if Warrior and Mage will also get another skill?

bere said that mages might get one more skill, and poly talked about a warrior guard passive

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Ah ok