Let Us Talk About Tricksters

I have many problems with the Trickster subclass. Here is an approach to balancing them and making them more overall satisfying to play with:

Switch Strike

Please Berezaa, I beg you to completely change Switch Strike. You should:

  1. Change the look of Switch Strike to something that is related to a clown, jester, or gambler, like a dice or card.
  2. Make it faster and maybe give it a weak homing power and remove the auto aim.
  3. Or you could just…
    Switch Strike Replacement

The Trap

The Trap is really, really useless. It literally can’t trap monster because of a bug, does a tiny bit of damage to players, and no player is stupid enough to move into it. Here are a few changes I suggest:


Disengage is actually pretty good, but I think it needs a little big more tweaking.

  1. When disengage is used a mask will spawn in the area the player used the ability.

  2. The mask will, in a certain radius, draw players and monsters in slowly and latch onto anything that it gets close to and sap health while applying an effect. The effects that may be applied to players are:

    Applies a weak blindness (2 seconds)
    Switches movement keys around (3 seconds)
    Depletes stamina bar (2 seconds)
    Stuns player (2 seconds)
    Makes target hallucinate 5 other Trickster running around (3 seconds)

    The only effects that would be applied to monsters are it attacking other monsters or being stunned which depends on if the monster is around others or not.

  • Yes
  • No
  • It’s ok

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Ber may have suggested a buff to Prism Trap by having a Trickster set a minefield of them to catch multiple enemies (with more “mines” at higher levels). I think this would be a good way to buff it instead of just fully removing it.

I will change that in my post.

Disengage alone is good enough. I don’t think it needs any buffs considering it is meant to be an escapist skill for quick damage.

I know this idea has probably already been stolen by now, but I think the trap maybe could be something similar to the shadow step ability, but anyone who is hit is in a status called “Confused” which distorts players vision or just mixes up keybinds for a short moment. Thats all I really have an opinion about.
But yeah, tricksters definitely need a fix.

I’ll have to disagree with the minimal damage part. Many people don’t know this, but prism trap scales off with int. With the scaling of int it does a ton of damage. Even if it does minimal damage to players, you get free hits on them because they’re trapped. My prism trap lvl 5 currently with only 32 int does 1.3k on moglos/moglokos. Not only that an explosion occurs when one enemy steps on it. This makes me use trap primarily for aoe and sometimes damage (considering it’s very close to my execute dmg on moglos/moglokos), so I think of it as consistent. Baiting the trap correctly is a good way to hit even smart people with it, and even then the hitbox of trap increases the more you upgrade it. Yeah, the bug does make trap worse but at the end of the day it’s a bug.

Along the switch strike rant, I’d have to agree. Switch strike is practically useless, and even with a good amount of int, it only does about 1k on moglos. If there would be one idea, it would be some sort of dice or card that can give a status effect, whether it’s poison or fire. Damage wise it should stay the same if an effect would happen.

Disengage doesn’t need buffs honestly. Not only does it have some pretty good autoaim, damage is pretty good for having the consistency. you can skip the first sq parkour just with a lvl 3 disengage, and fire at as many enemies depending on the amount in that field. As for your ideas on disengage, I feel the effects should be applied to a possible switch strike rework.

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Why would it ever be scaled with INT. Who’s idea was this?

I honestly have no idea who had thought if it, but yes it does indeed scale off int, same with switch strike.

Every time I fight a trickster, this move is most used.

The sequence goes like this:
-spam arrows
-throw switch strike

You making tricksters send ppl to the shadow realm?

its literally for me
-get in close, dagger attacks + execute
-when they get low by my mage bomb they disengage to escape

  • they eat a sandwich
  • if im low they shoot arrows
  • i spam heal
  • repeat, the battle almost never ends.

There are people like AvengerSpencer who goes and says they’ll fight you and if you win you get an ancient but always disengage and eat subs.

This is why I keep 500 heal… It’s hard to fight them when they just keep escaping and like, they usually have max disengage meaning they go out of range of both Flare and Thundercall. This should really be fixed, as its too far.

As a lvl 45 Trickster, they should honestly buff one of these things while also nerfing disengage, whether it’s in mobility, damage, or just in general.

  • Buff Prism Trap: This could be done in just simply increasing the range of traps hitbox, but maybe going a bit further into the interesting side, cloaking the trap, only the person who placed the trap sees it. tl;dr it’s invisible to all players but the trickster who placed it (and their party members).

  • Buffing Switch Strike (Preference): My reason for this being the preference to buff this is because it is by far the most lacking move out of a tricksters kit. Random effects taking place whether it’s burning, or even mana steal. Autoaim in general for small projectile moves like this, and pillage vitality should be removed.

Keep in mine if buffs like these were to happen, I’d imagine them to be with a disengage nerf whether it’s big or minor.

Switch only the person who placed it can see it to the person’s whole party