Let us remember our experiences in Vesteria Beta as we near an year of the Beta phase

My most memorable experiences (other than beta day 1) are:
getting the alpha gift.
reaching level 30 from spider queens revenge (thrice)
getting full ravager, and bloodmage from colo (about 10 months ago)
having the 4th slot enabled (on august 4th)
having my friend (Ultraegg25) join vesteria
the farmlands music (also an alpha experience (its so nostalgic please bring it back))
the relief that vesteria wont be wiped
finding the knight subclass trainer (she is so hard to find if your trying to look for her)
whispering dunes
hitting lvl 49 (twice)
terror of the deep (please bring it back)
fully great scrolling a webbed staff (it was the best staff at the time, I ended up getting +35 on it making it do 121 damage, and there were no holy or reset scrolls)
forsaken isle
resetting to test death penalty (I respawned in enchanted forest lol)
steel armor (it was one of the first beta experiences)
subclasses (11 months after they were promised)
blessing ravager boots (orb could be used to enchant and then bless)
blessed stick (green tier)
getting actual good loot from spider queen
Shiprock bottom (its music is calming as hell)
chugging orang potions in sqr/colo (there was no potion delay until august 4th)
giving gladiator armor and boots to my sister
completing the colo quest from like 3 months ago
getting accepted into a guild
testing realm (how the devs had us test subclasses until it’s removal in febuary 2020)
level cap being raised
equipping a tuaa shield
equipping vesra’s eviscerator
defeating a scarab (almost solo)
grinding ratties at lvl 30 to try to get the ratty vest
thundercall (it was zap until beta 1.5.4)
finding assassin subclass trainer (notorious for being difficult to find)
seeing a message of a beta player who reached lvl 29 on day 1.
getting a tuaa staff from mo ko tu aa
trading 1 gold for a vibrant auktufiti’s balistaa
giving my arachnid armor to Ultraegg25
getting ravager vest (I s̶t̶a̶b̶b̶e̶d̶ ̶s̶o̶ ̶m̶a̶n̶y̶ ̶k̶i̶d̶s̶ killed so many players to get it)
colo’s revival around 10 months later.
wayfarer’s music update (it used mushtown music before)
colo,mushtown and sewers map updates (in august 4th)
and a lot more…

Such flex.

She’s right next to the warrior-shop, how can you miss her?

How so many Marks of Valor?

How did you get so many flex items? Arachnid is trash, and there were still Spooder Weps, so it was wasteful to have (almost)

i find that assassin was easiest and trickster was hardest :clown_face:

Top 3:

  1. Running around Mushtown for no reason at all when I first joined Vesteria in f2p because I thought there would be some cool stuff hidden around the map, but I ended up in the empty wilderness part of the map and jumped off the edge because I didn’t know how to find my way back to the town center
  2. First time fighting Chad because I was really excited to fight my first boss but then I got one shotted by the helicopter spin drop because I lagged
  3. Soloing the Scarab as a knight because I kept on getting screwed by the triple spit bombs before but then I remembered parry was a thing
    man I can’t wait for Vesteria to reopen
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i recall

  • slaying 2 different super giant scarabs
  • walking the yeti up/down a mountain
  • taking decent bad screenshots

vesteria has a lot of potential and i cant wait to see what we have up next in store

  • Founding a guild
  • Joining the forum
  • Killing SQ
  • Finishing Gauntlet with one other person - who was on mobile

I know they’re not very good, still working on it.


I Think Its My Time To Make A Contribution

  • Getting 2 Tuaa Bows, A Keen Maul, And A Club From 1 Moko Tuaa
  • Getting Tier 2 Guild Hall
  • Making Friends With Lots Of People (No Seriously, I Have like 40 friends form vesteria)
  • Being 1 Of The First Tricksters

เŦ Շђє ﻮค๓є ๔เєร, ฬє ђค๔ ค ﻮ๏๏๔ гยภ


Wait, that happens?
(why do i keep missing these cutscenes)

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It does, but it’s not exactly a cutscene. It’s more like something that just happens. It only happens the first time you walk up to the gate though.

What about your most memorable experiences?

when I saw her I felt like an absolute idiot, I mean how COULD I miss her, she was RIGHT NEXT to the shop.

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well for the arachnid, I bought it, I then just kept it in my inventory because I got steel armor (the warrior armor that was added in very early beta)

for marks, I did the quest a lot (15 marks a day lol) and I tried to steal marks, I got away with them via speed on my assassin tho. rn I try to steal marks on knight because I found out after the wipe that a high VIT knight could get away with stealing marks due to sheer tankyness.

also fun fact I got bloodmage robes for my sister, why do I put so much effort into stuff that isn’t mine? because well idk.

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Because You Are Stubborn and Nice, Like Me. :clown_face:

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all same for me(just my friend was BattleKittens, not Ultraegg25)

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No, you’re not, really.

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1.playing mid beta colo, the most fun i’ve ever had on video games, it was so simple.
2. getting full colo armor, then using like 4 cursed on the chest piece and it living (40% of it dieing each cursed)
3. getting a 0.1% crown as a level 26 hunter.
4. someone offering 20g and red tier bow, ranging gear exc and declining it (worth a lot in that time)
5. getting money and enchants wiped so i did the right move :clown_face:
6. maxing 3 slots
7. maxing out my royal fang then instantly 3 days later forsaken came out
8. dunes coming out and losing like 2.5g at the gauntlet
9. getting epic ancient helm or order then only having 2 of the 3 great scrolls work
10. sq, made so many friends doing sq, it was the endgame, nothing else to do.

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best things happened to be in the game while beta:

I met @EfeTeyzeXd xd

I became leader of a guild

I got a crown in sqr (I ended up giving it to someone I never saw again in my life)

And that’s all, I suck at vesteria so bad


1- 1 gold
2- Guild
3- Dunes


this is a thread where people farm @Markgaming_MLO for :heart:'s



Honestly I’ve really enjoyed vesteria , it’s probably the best rpg game on roblox I’ve ever played. I’m glad I bought the alpha , even though I bought it 2 weeks to a month before beta release. If I had to say my most memberable moments in beta it would probably be.

• Finally reaching lvl 30 on 3 slots

• Joining a guild

• Doing the guantlet successfully

• That one time a nice guy gave me a spider leg bow for free