Let us remember our experiences in Vesteria Beta as we near an year of the Beta phase

Disclaimer: This post was inspired by Meta’s Let's remember our experiences in Vesteria Alpha as we transition to Beta, no ‘stealing’ intended.

In a month, the Beta phase of Vesteria will be an year old. I’m sure a lot of you will have of experiences in the game and a lot to share. It’s also been a great adventure.

My experience in the game in Beta phase

As soon as Beta launched, I remember heading to Mushtown as soon as possible to greet the new players and try to act as a ‘guide’ for them. I also remember training a bunch of new players, helping them with the quests, buying gear for them, and telling them about the game. It was a lot of fun.

Then, all the beta hate happened, which I rather not talk about.

Flash forward to the summer, the development slowed a lot and a lot of people feared that Vesteria was going to die. A lot of bug fixes were done during the summer, but no major updates were released, even I was a bit worried.

Then, during the autumn of 2019, Davidii was hired to the team, who was responsible for finishing up the subclasses as soon as possible. Soon after, subclasses and the Forsaken Isle was finally released, along with the level cap increase and new ‘tiki gear’. Vesteria had a surge of popularity but it was not long lived.

Another big event was the release of the long-awaited Whispering Dunes, where Vesteria received another surge of popularity, and with new visions and directions, Vesteria seemed to stay afloat for the time-being.

Personally, my fondest memory will either be founding my guild, Avengers of Vesteria, or the fight of the super giant Scarab. Both were really fun and exciting.

My experience in the commnity

I have always been more of a forums person rather than discord, and have made a lot of great friends on both plaftorms and had great experiences.

The meme megathread (Vesteria Meme Megathread), screenshot megathread (Screenshots Of Vesteria) and fan art megathread (Vesteria Fan Art Thread!) have all been the places of enjoyable moments of my life. Reading fan-fictions from other forum users and writing my own had been very fun too.

From reading long essays to squabbles on low-effort posts, they all have shaped my memorable time on the forums. I will never forget everything I have gotten from the wonderful (sometimes toxic) community.

What was your most memorable memory of Vesteria Beta, whether being in-game or in the community? What will the future hold for Vesteria?


If I don’t include recent events, My most memorable moments are

  1. Reaching level 30 via farming whale and snels and being very proud of myself even though now that I look back it wasn’t that impressive, but it was very memorable

  2. Forming my guild Vindicate alongside a former stranger (now we are good friends) and somehow making it work out really well probably due to how lucky we were to meet each other instead of some other dude that isn’t obsessed with Vesteria, and making some of my best friends through that guild which is somehow still alive to this day

  3. Going into SQR a bit after the Davidii tester applications were held, typing in chat to say the bridge was up, then realizing I had the tester rank and freaking out over being accepted as a tester

Vesteria Beta was really an epic adventure and it helped me overcome my social anxiety over the 10 months I had played it. I really hope Vesteria goes on to create wonderful experiences for others in the future just like it had for me and many others


Haha my most memorable moments were:

  1. Nearly missing the launch of Beta because Beta launched at 2 am where i was

  2. Going into dunes for the first time. it was pretty swell considering the fact that i havent played vesteria for months.

  3. Terror of the deep Nothing, just terror of the deep, if you didnt experience him you wouldnt understand

Vesteria Beta was fun not as fun as alpha I got all my slots to max in the first few months of Beta and it was kinda boring after that so i committed thanos snap on myself for a few months but now im back


My most memorable time was getting introduced to Vesteria by my chums in early Beta. He’d talked about buying Alpha access, but 800 roux was too much. (yes, he got referral envelopes too)

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I remember Chicken guild.

It’s been 84 years


How The Time Passes

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i killed my first mushroom :>

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What an achievement

Donating you 500 silver for the guild to get founded or either my first SQ run.

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Wait wasn’t it 400? And yes, I remember you screwing up badly at the parkour.

Can’t exactly be sure but I’m pretty confident that it’s 500.

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I remember when beta just released, I joined again, I decided to go to mushtown and I was one of the less toxic of alpha players, I didn’t call anyone beta blobs or anything.


My most memorable moments are

1.Reaching level 10

2.Getting lost in the game

3.Fighting enemies when it was my first time playing.

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OML SAME it was amazing.

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Some of my favorite moments were becoming a Warrior, then a Knight. I remember first entering Mushroom Grotto and hearing the really good music, totally taken in by the environment. Technically, I got up to level 7 on the Free Weekend version (Man, that felt like AGES ago…) but I never made it past the wheel quest. My first ride on the Wayfarer, seeing the bridge open up for me when I approached Warrior Stronghold, running away from hordes of scarecrows in Great Crossroads and escaping into Nilgarf, and my personal favorite moment is reading all the crazy “New Area” or “Monster Brainstorm” concepts on the forums.

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some of my experience playing Vesteria

  1. Always falling at SQ parkour as a warrior and die continuously, I was a warrior main at that time and not really experienced with the game thus making me as a puching bag tank

  2. Playing Vesteria for like 6 hour and exploring the world, exploring the world and sometimes see out of bound map was a fun for me

  3. Taking photo’s that people don’t usually do, most screenshot I see are just emote or sit then ez screenshot, after learning how Vesteria camera work (basically roblox) I then manipulate the camera to hide my character by hiding at blindspot to create some cool screenshots

  4. meeting cool person like this guy that write this post so we write our beta experience here

honestly it’s better than most other community ive been out there and the toxicity that aren’t that insert herobrine eye and horny people ruining the game well Geo sometimes draw revealing clothes women chan but atleast he don’t do something too far like some rogue artist profiting horny side of the community (they make alot of robux from horny side of community thanks to teenagers appeal)

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My favorite experiences are:

  1. Getting a Holy Scroll for the first time (so satisfy)
  2. Solo’ing SQR for the first time (such rush)
  3. Getting from Mushroom Grotto to Great Crossroads, still works everytime.

ur so lucky… i wanna be a tester D:

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I’d love to too. What about some of your memorable experiences?

my most memorabal experiances were getting to lvl 30(not impressive anymore, i take about 10 mins to do that from 10 to 390, but 30 was cap then) getting a subclass, maxing my ranger, getting reborn on my ranger to become a trickster and maxing that, maxing all my saves but warlock warlock was just too boring, i couldnt handle it and also, it was funny when i found out that ppl grind sewers(personaly, i never have) and also sry this is big i dont know how to make it normal size after making small
if u know pls tell me