Let Me Make This Clear

Throughout the entire game of Vesteria, there have been a couple of popular names floating around.

One of these names being “auto clickers”.
I am fully aware that auto clicking, for some people, does not meet their ethical standards, because in their opinion, people should spend time actually clicking in the game.
That being said, there is also an opposing argument to this ideal. As others believe that clicking has no ethical significance to it, but the fact of being active in the game should disregard the fact they they are auto clicking.
In addition to this, another name that is currently being used is “AFK auto-clicker”.
This is the main thing that I wanted to get to. Throughout the game, people have been accusing me of AFK auto-clicking.
Quite truthfully, I did catch someone in the act of doing it, in the mushroom grove, and seeing that no one opposed it, then I decided to follow that person’s example. A few days later, people started accusing me of AFK auto-clicking, which I did do at the time.
So, I offered an opposing argument, stating I wasn’t the first one to start it, and not only that but the Devs never actually made an official rule stating that it wasn’t allowed, and I would stop if they were to ever make it a rule. I saw no point in them complaining when I decided to work around the system when, the warriors too, exploited their warrior roll when it was broken.
So then someone asked the devs about auto clicking farming, with @berezaa then stating;

But was contradicted by a post he made prior, stating;

So, I followed the text accordingly, and went on with my logic. But, instead of AFK auto clicking, I was being active.
But then…
One night, I was still using my auto clicker because it was nearing 2:00 in the morning, so my hands were super tired, and I didn’t want to leave the game.
Another person was auto clicking with me, and we talked and talked until eventually, I nodded off.
Seeing that I was at the spiders, I didn’t last long before the spiders killed me, because I didn’t put anything in my vitality.
Seeing that I was changing my stance on AFK auto clicking enemies, this was bad for me, because as soon as I nodded of, I signed a contract.
When I woke up, I was at the portal, and I checked my inventory, and I gained nothing. Seeing that I just woke up, I was trying to figure out what happened, only to remember I was at the spiders.
That same day, the person who was auto clicking with me that night started to get mad at me for AFK auto-clicking at the portal, when berezaa clearly stated that I was not to AFK auto click enemies.
Not only that but, even though I tried to explain to them that I nodded off because of how late it was, people still accused me of intentionally doing it. I could see why they would, but they had no evidence to back up their claims.
I love this game with all my heart, especially the hunter class, which I constantly boast about being the 1st hunter.
But I also follow teachings of my own. Such as “Work smarter, not harder”. Seeing that I am a very logical and literal person, I decided to follow that ideal, which then lead to the difference in ethical values.
People then started to ruin my name because of these different ethical values, then leading them to push me around and taunt me by calling me names and intentionally attacking the same enemies as I am just to get their point across, when I am doing nothing to them. Thus, leading me to write this.
I know that some of you who were part of this story are going to offer your viewpoints, and I would love to hear them, but I would urge you to read and understand everything I have typed before you do.

sure sure cool ill take this in this with an open mind and believe you. However, the first part of the last paragraph is just not true, you are one of the more toxic people that I have met in this game. If you followed your “teaching” of “working smarter, not harder” then ingame, you wouldn’t have said that you enjoying getting in arguments for no reason for fun which obviously wastes time and continously boast about how your level 30. You constantly whine and complain about the smallest things not even reconsidering your thought if the other argument could even be a little correct. Please, please, PLEASE learn how to appropriate yourself even a little bit.

Before I begin, let me make myself clear:
I will argue against you but also somewhat agree with you.

I’m going to refer to berezaa’s statement about auto-clicking. He stated that AFK auto-clicking enemies is not allowed, but he hasn’t talked about auto-clicking with you actually at your keyboard, sitting at your chair.

But, auto-clicking is still bad since you sometimes benefit from it while lots of people are actively fighting enemies, you’re essentially doing nothing, yet you gain something from it.

I never really interacted with you a lot so any posts that is negative or positive about you, I can’t give my opinion about it. But, it’s obviously clear that you have auto-clicked before.

Lmao how long did that take to type? I know at least once you told me that you were going to go watch a movie and leave your character sit and farm spiders. So I’m just gonna say in my eyes you’re cheater, and nothing you can say will change that. Don’t reply to this with any technicalities saying your not a cheater because the devs didn’t officially ban auto-clicking, I personally feel like auto-clicking is cheating.


I Have No Problems If You Decide To AFK Auto-Click When Not Near Enemies, Such As What Happened To You, But Not Intentional. However If People Start AFK Auto-Clicking Lower Enemies Such As Before Then It Just Gets Annoying.

My reply is:
I don’t care if you’re auto-clicking at the portal to stay on, although you do not have a purpose there as you could shut off your computer and sleep. It’s not a playtest, y’know.

To the second part, the enemies:
Auto-clicking is not ok there, you also don’t gain much.

The recent XP changes were partly to discourage players from auto clicking. Yet, we still have people auto clicking. That’s human nature for you. Also, he died while auto clicking enemies so even if he was at the spawn, he’s still auto clicking.

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I think that actively autoclicking is fine, it just means that you wont get borderline repetitive strain injury on your fingers lol. AFK autoclicking is kinda bad tho. I mean when you’re at your keyboard, you’re still moving, paying attention to enemies, using skills, consumables ect. Its literally the exact same as everyone else except you arent killing your finger

First off, I never said I like getting into arguments for no reason or for fun, please dont make false accusations. I just said I like to argue. I like it because it gives me a better understanding of other’s thought processes, which WOULD lead me to consider if my argument is incorrect, if provided the proper evidence.

Secondly, I am not even level 30 yet, so this quote is a lie. The only thing I boast about is being the 1st hunter.

I can see why you might think this, but this teaching isn’t the only teaching I abide by.Like many other people, I have more than one teaching I go by, such as “take pride in your work” and so forth. So taking into account all these factors, It would be reasonable for me to be boasting.
Not only that but, the fact that the auto-clicking actually saved me time, I wasn’t actually getting any time consumed, so it all balanced out.

I don’t see how you can auto click in this game. Some people I tell you.

If you are referring to the XP curve berezaa made for max levels to stop going to lower level places, then discouraging auto-clicking, as you said, was not the main focus of the recent XP change.
But, if you are referring to the spider update, and the fixed boss XP update, then yes, I could see that as a discouragement to auto-clicking. This is why I uninstalled my auto-clicker because the game was fixed.
Furthermore, even though I urged you to read, I don’t think you did. As I said before;

Which means, I died quickly after I nodded off, and that isn’t that hard to believe seeing that it was late, leading less people to be on the server, and more spiders to kill me. So, I wasn’t able to AFK auto-click enemies.
But, if you are trying to be technical, stating that I still did it for at least a second, my response is, that wasn’t intentional. Not only that but, that isn’t gaining much of an advantage over anyone, that being said, there was nothing wrong with lasting “a second” if no advantage was gained.
Again, berezaa did not disapprove of auto-clicking, he disapproved of AFK auto-clicking enemies, so mentioning that I was still auto-clicking at spawn does not contradict anything that was said by the devs.

Overall, the point I was trying to get across to you guys is that I changed my strategy for gaining XP as time went by.
First I AFK’d, then, when someone brought that to the dev’s attention, I stopped when it was prohibited.
Because The XP curve made it difficult to level up, and the spiders were broken, I then started to auto click, but stay active, so I would’t be penalizing any rules. But when the caves were expanded, and the boss XP was fixed, the auto clicker was uninstalled.
I am a very adaptable person, and I am able to be reasoned with, I find reason for everything I do, because as I said;

Before I level up, here is proof that I am not level 30 yet.