Legendary Weapons and Armor Effects!? Socketing!?

I find that when a weapon gives really awesome stats like “may summon a pack of angry mushrooms to fight by your side” to be very awesome when it comes to MMORPGs.

Same applies for the armor, they can give may casts like, “may summon a protective barrier for 5 seconds” or “May cause thorns, dealing 70% damage the monster deals back unto them.”

Also, it would be nice if we could socket jewels in our weapon for extra stats like dex, str, vit, and int, so that it would make us a lot stronger. It can also be added to our gear.

This would substantially increase the likability of Vesteria, in my opinion, and fit the ideal of the game being based on hardcore grinding as well.

I love the idea of socketing jewls and to expand the game for higher level people maybe add in rings and amulets for more stats this can help you customize your stats and player more.

While this sounds unique and interesting, it makes the game confusing after you hit a certain point. I don’t think this would fit well with what Vesteria is.

Thing Is More Features Is Really Helpful As It Doesn’t Really Affect Newer Players As Well As It Would Allow Higher Level Players More Options And Customisation.

That is exactly what this game needs in my opinion. Something that I feel a need for in a RPG is a balance of feeling overpowered and a balance of feeling the need to grind, Weapons skills attributes ect. Are things that give you that feeling. Finding various new weapons and weapon tiers that can do many different things cam open a door for more possibilities like trading :wink:

tbh these effects sound like they can also be placed on cheap consumables, but that’s what I think, weapons can have different effects like Aero Dynamic: Attack Speed Increased by 50% or something, or maybe armor special effect Light Armor: Running Speed Increased by 10% and Stamina Increased by 10%. Well that’s what I think about this idea, seems somewhat plausible, except it’s for late-game and you’ll have to grind for these. since they are on a tier higher than rare :thinking:

Still think this should be added though.