Leaks that we know now thanks to daddy berezaa

so uhm
leaks yea
no pics because i didnt have time for pics when i was murdering most of these

(edit i forgot because im a dummy) DUMMY - level 1
SCARECROW - level 3
WILDABEAST - level 5
RUBEE - level 13
GOLEM - level 15
SPIDERLING - level 18
SPIDER QUEEN (ayy) - LEVEL 25(?)

some text about spider queen

ok so berezaa said that spider queen deals 1k damage half of the time
spider queen can spit acid that deals the same damage as spiders (?) per 0.1 second i believe (totally not op)
and extra info, ber said that spider queen can stomp/trample you and deal 300 damage

thats the mobs
but we actually got a feature for all mobs
normal mobs > giant mob > SUPERGIANT mob > GIGAGIANT mob.

and 2bad we got scammed becase giant mobs give 100x more xp than normal mob so supergiant shouldve gived 10000x or gigagiant shouldve gived 1000000x :((( (jk)

anyways that was a fun hour in the middle of the night, thanks beresama :))

fun time! thanks

Spiderlings won’t be useful for a level 28 like me ;-; (unless their base XP is above 250)

i got video stuff scarecrows look like mummies

hah i’ve seen some people with health below 1000 at lvl 30 i’m level 22 and i have more health then that so i won’t die to spider in one hit

Scarecrow was slapped on a shroom, hence lvl 3.
Wildebeest was slapped on an elder shroom, hence the lvl 5

I’m hoping golem was slapped on a spider because we don’t need more lvl 15 mobs
also spider queen is confirmed 25

What is more powerful, a spider or a spiderling?

spider i’m pretty sure

Are giga giants even more powerful than super giants?

i left at that point because i’m pretty sure those will never make it into the game and it’s not very useful information.

Spiderlings are more powerful than spiders, I believe Ber said they do 2x more damage than a spider and are 2x faster.

Edit: I didnt actually get to fight any but I remember Ber saying that somewhere

And they have less hp to balance it out. Probably like 350-550

How the heck would a baby version of something deal more damage but have less health?

Its not a “baby version” I dont think… It is a minion spawned by the Spider Queen when you are fighting her

And the spider queen is more poisonous than normal spiders so it’d make sense that her minions would deal more damage

i’m pretty sure dummies are for testing weapons in development and will never actually make it into the game
also it was night time for you??? it was day for me

Here are some nice image leaks: